The Cause Of Right Knee Pain In The Elderly 58 Years?

Illustration of The Cause Of Right Knee Pain In The Elderly 58 Years?
Illustration: The Cause Of Right Knee Pain In The Elderly 58 Years?

Afternoon, want to ask. My father is 58 years old, right knee bone has been very painful for the past 5 months. The pain on the side of the right knee at just 1 point. Already to the doctor 3x. The first time to see a doctor, the doctor said it was because of triglycerides. Second time to see the doctor, the doctor said he was calcification. The third time to see a doctor, the doctor said it was a kind of gout, but not gout. All the medicine has been taken, there is only a change a week after that it hurts again. Btw, to the doctor, a general practitioner and a bone specialist. If the pain on one side of the right knee bone is because of what? And what drugs are suitable for knee pain?

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Hello Princess,

Thank you for your question.

Pain in the knee at the age of the elderly or more than 50 years can be caused by several causes, including:

  osteoarthritis, is a self-inflammation caused by bone loss in the age of more than 50 years. This is marked by the pain in the knee can be one or both, the pain is felt, especially when moving the feet or for heavy activities, and accompanied by the sound of 'crick' every time doing activities. This is caused by old age and bone loss due to age. Rheumathoid arthritis, is inflammation of the joints caused by the body's immune system or immune system attacking its own tissues. This is caused by genetic factors. Rheumathoid arthritis is characterized by pain in the joints and weight in the morning and for the activity does not feel pain, in addition to swelling pain can also be felt. gout arthritis or often referred to as gout is a joint disease in which uric acid levels are too high in the blood, the accumulation of uric acid will form crystals in the joints, resulting in pain disappearing and swelling. Usually gout sufferers triggered by risk factors often consume food nuts. It is said that your parents are 58 years old, and have come to the doctor several times. I need to ask, has the uric acid examination been done? If the color is normal and results will lead to calcification of bones and joints, which can cause inflammation in the joints. This is most often and commonly experienced by people over the age of 50 years. Inflammation in the joints due to bone calcification cannot be completely cured, only the symptoms can be reduced. Because it is related to age. Doctors will only provide pain medications and vitamins for the joints to treat the remaining joints.

Therefore, people with calcification of joints, should not do too heavy activities. There are several things you can do at home, including:

 avoid excessive activities such as long walks, up and down stairs and cycling using the knee deck so that the joints can fix compresses with warm water avoid consumption of nuts do swimming exercises If in this way do not reduce symptoms, then you can check your father to an orthopedic doctor to be able to X-ray examination is performed to see calcification or narrowing of the joints that occur.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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