The Cause Of Sadness And Want To Cry For No Apparent Reason?

Illustration of The Cause Of Sadness And Want To Cry For No Apparent Reason?
Illustration: The Cause Of Sadness And Want To Cry For No Apparent Reason?

Hello, I often feel sad and want to cry but don’t know what to cry about. Am I depressed?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the discomfort you feel.

An atmosphere of sadness and continuing to cry for no apparent reason can be caused by several possibilities. It should be understood that you still need evaluation and direct examination by a doctor before the diagnosis can really be established. Some of these possibilities include:

  Episodes of mild depression, complaints in the form of sad moods, lost interest and pleasure, fatigue, decreased activity, decreased self-confidence, withdrawing from relationships, guilt and uselessness, ideas for self-injury or suicide; the complaints last for a minimum of 2 weeks; resulting in a little difficulty doing work and social activities, but the patient is still able to function socially daily. Severe depressive episodes, similar to minor depressive episodes, also last for at least 2 weeks, but have resulted in the inability to carry out work or social activities a day days of major depressive episodes with psychotic symptoms, complaints similar to major depressive episodes, accompanied by hallucinatory symptoms and / or delusions (beliefs that are contrary to reality but are constantly maintained and cannot be changed logically) Unfortunately we cannot diagnose the cause of your condition because symptoms that are complained of are not specific are only found in a particular disease. There are still a number of other possible differential diagnoses that need to be excluded, for example organ health disorders, mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of psychoactive substances, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, stress-related disorders, and personality disorders and adult behavior.

The diagnosis of mental health disorders can only be made based on examination by a doctor or a specialist in psychiatry. The doctor needs to take a systematic history about the history of complaints and associated biopsychosocial factors, a comprehensive physical examination, and supporting examinations if there are indications. Through this series of processes, the doctor can then determine an objective assessment of the patient's health condition, and then plan for an appropriate treatment.

Self-diagnosis by ordinary people on the condition of the self is very not recommended because it is generally only based on the results of a limited search of information on the internet and scientifically can not be justified. You are advised to consult directly with a doctor or psychiatric specialist so that evaluation and treatment can be carried out appropriately.

Your doctor can provide supportive counseling and psychotherapy that can help you deal with (coping) and manage stress, identify symptoms, plan realistic treatment goals, and control yourself when symptoms occur. If there are indications, your doctor may also prescribe medication that can help you feel more comfortable and help deal with the disease.

As a suggestion, you should talk about complaints that are felt to those closest to you who trust and believe you can support therapy. The support of the people closest to them greatly supports the successful handling of health problems. It is also recommended that you continue the activities that you enjoy doing so that you can channel your feelings through positive things.

Thus information from us. May be useful.

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