The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath, Chest Feels Pressured And A Lump In The Throat

Illustration of The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath, Chest Feels Pressured And A Lump In The Throat
Illustration: The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath, Chest Feels Pressured And A Lump In The Throat

Hi … I want to ask, these 2 days I felt tightness in the chest like I was depressed and my throat felt so loss (what is the term, it can’t be revealed by words hehe just like passing through without process) so if the breath feels tight … and when I try to tap softly on the chest I feel more comfortable breathing, and also when I feel comfortable breathing too, and when I press a little lower part of the throat (trachea if wrong) also feels a little more comfortable … why huh? Do I have heart disease? Oh, one more I am an active smoker, but after this incident I immediately stopped smoking … I felt like I was going to die … I also had a history of panic attacks, when I panicked I felt tight, but this one was different, I had not lost it in two days. … oh, don’t sangkutin with Covid-19, yeah, the thing is, I’m home-based, aka I’ve never been there and work from home (online) hehe … Thanks …

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Hello Ahmad Didit, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

The complaint you mentioned is not very clear to diagnose a disease for sure. What I can catch is that you feel tightness as if your chest feels compressed, and if you do things like press on the neck, etc. you feel a little relaxed. The complaint seems a bit confusing. Due to the limited data that I have, such as I do not know your age, previous medical history, and I cannot do a direct physical examination, I cannot confirm that what I have stated below is true. But some of my allegations that some of them are related to your smoking history include:

You experience interference in your stomach (Gastritis, Peptic ulcer, GERD), because many cases when stomach acid is high will form gas so that the stomach will compress the diaphragm so that the lungs will be pressed so that it creates the impression of tightness.
You have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease / COPD because of your smoking history.
In the possibility of heart problems, tightness cannot be intervened with some of the movements that you do. In an initial heart attack the patient usually complains of pain in the left chest, which extends to the arm, etc.

Acute respiratory tract infections, in some cases complaints of shortness occur when there is a narrowing of the respiratory tract.

To make sure you still have to consult a doctor directly, because in diagnosing an illness requires a more complete history taking, direct physical examination, and supporting examinations if needed such as ECG, etc. Because at this time the Covid-19 pandemic happens to be a call from the government to avoid hospital visits if it is not an emergency, so you can consult a doctor who is in a clinic or Puskesmas.

I really appreciate your willingness to stop smoking, but my hope will continue. Don't stop when there are complaints. At the moment some things you can do are:

Enough rest to enhance your immunity.
Use a mask, and be careful if you have to leave the house remembering that your condition is currently sick, your immunity will automatically drop.
Evaluate complaints that you feel, if the tightness is heavy immediately go to the hospital.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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