The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath, Loud Breaths, The Head And Nose Left Pain?

Illustration of The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath, Loud Breaths, The Head And Nose Left Pain?
Illustration: The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath, Loud Breaths, The Head And Nose Left Pain?

hello, so yesterday I experienced shortness of breath until my breath was loud and very fast after doing sports. my arms and legs could not be moved, then what I felt in my left head and left nose was like a blood vessel was about to burst. it feels strange. The next thing I realized, from my childhood, my heartbeat was clearly visible on my left chest. so rich it looks like he was up and down because of a heartbeat. and sometimes my left chest also aches and hurts. I also have a history of tuberculosis but it has healed. guess what happens to me huh?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The conditions that you experience can occur due to several possibilities, including:

Heart disease
Panic attack
Hyperventilation syndrome

So far we can't determine asthma or heart, because we haven't done any tests on you. Asthma can occur because asthma can occur to anyone and at any age. Exercise is also one of the triggers of asthma, so it might happen. Heart disease, too, especially if you do have excess weight and are over 40 years old, also smoke. New heart disease can be removed by investigations in the form of a heart record. So because the information we have about you is very little, to date we have not been able to narrow down the possibility of your condition, and for that, check yourself into a doctor directly.

The doctor can be a general practitioner, or may also be a cardiologist, because that is the disease we want to avoid first. If it is declared normal by a cardiologist, then change to another doctor, such as a lung doctor or internist. Then regarding the visible heartbeat, this could be because you are quite thin. If it's because the heartbeat is too fast or too hard, of course you will feel and complain more throbbing rather than the appearance of the heart rate on the chest. And these thumping complaints are so annoying that they can't be missed.

As for tuberculosis and aching and pain in the left chest, this also has not been able to help much in establishing your diagnosis, because what is focused is what is happening now, and it must be confirmed by direct examination, be it shaped with a stethoscope to hear heart and lung sounds , X-rays to see organs in the chest, heart record, blood tests, and so forth. That's why once again it is important to check yourself to the doctor. The handling you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection. If everything is safe but this condition often occurs, consult a psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, no need to worry, maintain ideal body weight, avoid greasy and fatty foods, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit, avoid cigarette smoke, exercise regularly according to ability and do not need to force yourself, and immediately check yourself. So, hopefully answering your question.

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