The Cause Of Sleep A Night Can Only 3-4 Hours?

Illustration of The Cause Of Sleep A Night Can Only 3-4 Hours?
Illustration: The Cause Of Sleep A Night Can Only 3-4 Hours?

I am 51 years old, my mlm sleep duration is only 3-4 hours and no sleep, good room, ordinary mind, sports, afternoon, but why do you sleep so briefly?

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Hello Dewi, thank you for the question.

Difficulty sleeping or known as insomnia is a term used to describe complaints of difficulty starting to sleep, often waking up during sleep, or waking up very early and having difficulty starting sleep again. Normal adults sleep 7-8 hours a day on average. Someone whose quality and quantity is disturbed will cause disruption in carrying out daily activities. This complaint is usually caused by various things, there are primary and secondary. Primary insomnia is usually not associated with other medical conditions, while secondary insomnia is usually a manifestation of other diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, lung disease, heart disease, malignancy, and others. In general, the causes of insomnia can be grouped into insomnia due to psychological disorders, health problems, unhealthy lifestyles, drugs, or due to environmental factors. If it happens continuously for a long period of time it can cause a decrease in the quality of life, a person will become difficult to focus, weak, tired, not enthusiastic about being active, susceptible to disease, and others. Therefore, if complaints can not sleep is very disturbing, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will conduct a question and answer session, physical examination, and possibly a supporting examination if needed. Handling will be done based on the underlying cause. Your doctor may suggest cognitive behavioral therapy or with medication.

To prevent complaints of insomnia, you should:

Avoid eating and drinking a lot before going to bed.
Avoid drinking alcoholic and caffeinated drinks.
Try to be active during the day to avoid napping.
Avoid cigarettes.
Keep the bedroom comfortable, and try to only get into it if you want to sleep.
Check the medicines consumed, whether the womb causes sleeplessness

Thus, hopefully useful.

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