The Cause Of Sudden Bleeding From The Mouth?

Hi, I want to ask why it arrived u0026sup2; does someone bleed from the mouth? while the teeth or gums are not at all sick and bleeding, but why does it come up u0026sup2; bleeding from the mouth? And this person has absolutely no coughing u0026sup2; and this has happened for 2 days, is this dangerous?

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Blood from the mouth can be caused by various conditions, from mild to severe. Here are some conditions that can cause this:

 Injury to the mouth, gums or throat. This is generally caused by physical trauma or food friction Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) Due to certain medical conditions, for example rupture of the esophageal blood vessels (ruptured esophageal varices), blood clotting disorders, nosebleeds in the back of the nose (posterior epitaxis), nasopharyngeal tumors, malignancy which occurs only once and is not accompanied by other complaints is most likely harmless. However, if complaints often occur or even persist, further examination is necessary because it can be related to more serious medical conditions.

For this reason, you / your relatives should check directly with the doctor if you experience the complaint so that the doctor can ascertain the cause of the complaint so that proper handling steps can be taken.

The doctor will ask for a history of complaints, carry out physical examinations and supporting examinations if deemed necessary. Investigations that can be recommended by doctors are blood tests, nasal binoculars (rhinoscopy), throat binoculars (laryngoscopy) or gastroscopy (stomach scopes). Perform the examination if it is recommended by the doctor because the examination can greatly help the doctor confirm the diagnosis of the condition causing the complaint.

If the complaint is caused by a blood clotting disorder then the doctor can prescribe vitamin K, anti-bleeding drugs such as tranexamic acid or blood transfusion. If the complaint is caused by a tumor, it can recommend a surgical procedure to resolve the complaint.

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