The Cause Of Suddenly Feeling Anxious, And Crying?

Illustration of The Cause Of Suddenly Feeling Anxious, And Crying?
Illustration: The Cause Of Suddenly Feeling Anxious, And Crying?

Good night doctor. Nearly half this year. At my own position, or at night, sometimes I suddenly feel anxious and afraid of something, such as worrying about losing my loved ones. I even cried, even talking to myself in a state that I was very crying, as if I was talking to the person I was thinking about. I tried to ignore. But still appeared. Even though nothing happened to my family. Thank you doctor before.

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Hello Dya,

Thank you for the question.

The emergence of excessive anxiety, fear, and sadness, which is sudden, for no apparent reason, accompanied by disturbing thoughts like someone is talking to you, when in fact not, can be a sign of a psychiatric disorder, such as depression. Frequently, this depression arises because it is triggered by a traumatic event in life, such as having ended having sex, lost a job or loved one, experienced domestic violence, parental divorce, and so on. Not infrequently, in more severe cases, depression will cause you to not want to socialize with the environment, lazy to do activities that were previously liked, lost passion in sexual intercourse, experiencing changes in eating and sleeping patterns, even the desire to end life.

In addition to depression, various other psychiatric disorders, such as post traumatic stress disorder, delusional disorder, excessive anxiety disorder, specific phobias, paranoid schizophrenia, personality disorders, psychotic disorders related to alcohol or drugs, and so on can also trigger complaints as you are experiencing at this time .

To be clear, you should consult a doctor or psychiatrist directly. By checking directly, of course the doctor can evaluate what exactly the conditions underlying your complaints, then give him the best treatment.

In the meantime, what needs to be done is:

 Don't daydream too much, confine yourself, or mourn your fate Improve the quality of your worship, believe that God is the best plan maker If overwritten by the problem, think of it as a test that God gives so that you become a better person, focus on finding solutions, don't reluctant to discuss with others to be helped to find a solution, do not just mess around until stress Do a healthy lifestyle, starting from waking up early, sleeping too early, eating regularly, exercising once every 1-2 days, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, do not consume Drugs Control your emotions well, be a calm and pleasant personality A time to entertain yourself, such as on vacations, doing hobbies, chatting with loved ones, and so on. Hopefully this helps ...

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