The Cause Of Swollen Testicles Accompanied By Pain?

Illustration of The Cause Of Swollen Testicles Accompanied By Pain?
Illustration: The Cause Of Swollen Testicles Accompanied By Pain?

Hello dokI have a disease where my testicles Only one in the pubic bag, well the other one sometimes in the groin sometimes also down to the pubic bag. One time I was tired and the testicles were moved up (up and down) enlarged and it felt painful and sick. And also when I climbed a tree also appeared to swell again / enlarged. So can it be called a hernia? Or what kind of hernia is that? And if the solution is only operable? Thanks

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Hello Rivaldo, Thank you for the question.

Can you feel your two testicles? Is the enlargement of your testicular sac felt soft or dense? The testes cannot move from the scrotum (testicular sac) to the groin or vice versa. Your complaint may be an inguinal hernia. A hernia is the discharge of an organ through a gap in muscle tissue or connective tissue surrounding the organ which is weakened. Inguinal hernia is the exit of part of the intestine in the abdominal cavity through the connective tissue in the lower abdomen leading to the scrotum. The main symptom in inguinal hernia is the appearance of a lump around the groin / groin or scrotal fold. These lumps appear when the sufferer lifts heavy loads, strains or coughs and will disappear if the sufferer lies down. Other symptoms, sufferers feel the groin area feels heavy or attracted, pain around the scrotum when the lump drops into the scrotum, to pain and vomiting suddenly when part of the intestine that is squeezed in the weak gap. Some of the following factors cause a person more easily experienced inguinal hernias: male sex, pregnancy, overweight, chronic coughing, often heavy lifting, history of previous hernia, heredity.

However, a lump in the scrotum can also be caused by other medical conditions such as orchitis, epididymitis, varicocele, or hydrocele.

You should immediately consult a surgeon for further examination. The doctor needs to ask questions about your complaint and examine you to determine the cause. After knowing the cause, the doctor will determine the next treatment. If it is proven that you have inguinal hernia, the main treatment is surgery to overcome the gap in the abdominal wall so that the abdominal wall can hold the intestine in place. Surgery is also performed to prevent further complications such as intestinal obstruction and intestinal tissue death due to pinched hernia fissures. Inguinal hernias cannot be treated with medication.

It is also recommended that you do the following suggestions:

avoid lifting heavy loads
avoid smoking
if you experience a chronic cough, please check with you immediately
lose weight if you have excessive weight

Hopefully this information is useful.

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