The Cause Of The Appearance Of Itchy Lumps That Secrete Blood In The Groin?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Appearance Of Itchy Lumps That Secrete Blood In The Groin?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Appearance Of Itchy Lumps That Secrete Blood In The Groin?

Hello, so I previously bumped in the left buttock area. Because of the itchy night when I was sleeping, I didn’t notice that I was scratching and becoming injured, but it continued to spread until the folds in the thighs even right and left. The skin is textured like elephant skin, and the color is black. Then, it turns out again appeared a small bump on the stomach, shaped like a group of circular white blackheads. When pressed, the whites came out but appeared again. This bump is itchy and if scratched immediately the wound opens and the blood flows quite a lot. Why is this? What should be given before going to the doctor? Because I am in Surabaya and my mother is in Bandung, so I have not dared to go to the doctor alone. Thank you, good night.

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Hello Joana, thank you for asking

The itching is indeed often contain restless sufferers. Itching on the skin can also occur due to various causes and factors, such as bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. From the symptoms that you are experiencing, the probable cause is due to Sarcoptes scabiei (deaf) infection. The disease is called scabies or also often called scabies. Symptoms of scabies are red spots that can spread throughout the body, especially the folds, groin area, folding fingers, and abdomen. To ensure the diagnosis is needed investigations with skin scrapings test to look for eggs or their own eggs.

For the treatment of choice for this disease is to use a lotion or cream containing permethrin. This medicine is smeared all over the body from the neck to the feet. This drug is effective in killing scabies at an adult stage, so its use must be repeated 10 days in the future to kill scabies eggs that have hatched and become adults. In general, scabies will recover within 7-14 days. Black scars that occur over time will fade.

In addition to scabies, there are other possible causes of itching that you experience, namely boils or boils. Ulcers are caused due to a bacterial infection. The most common areas affected by boils are the buttocks, armpits, thighs, and others. The main symptoms of ulcers are red bumps on the skin, accompanied by white dots filled with pus. The cause of the emergence of boils is the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. Risk factors for this infection are:

Direct contact with sufferers
Poor hygiene
Weak immune system
Previously experienced skin problems such as eczema

From the symptoms that you describe, I advise you to see a dermatologist so you can find out the cause of the itching that you are experiencing, so that appropriate treatment can be given. Moreover, boils that occur not only in one place and have lasted a long time. Maybe your doctor will give you antibiotics if what you are experiencing is boils. I hope this helps.


dr. Sussy

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