The Cause Of The Appearance Of Lumps In Several Parts Of The Body?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Appearance Of Lumps In Several Parts Of The Body?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Appearance Of Lumps In Several Parts Of The Body?

Hello, I want to ask. There was a bump on my mother’s body, but it was not very clear but it was quite a lot, initially in the hands, and more backs and legs. When I press it, it feels really hard and fortunately my mom doesn’t feel pain. Does this have anything to do with the symptoms of the disease?

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Related to lumps in the body, it should be supplemented with some related information, which appears since when, is there any change getting bigger quickly, whether the color that appears is skin colored or darker in color, if there are other complaints that are felt such as bleeding easily or itching, whether there is a history of similar diseases, is there a family history of malignant tumors. Some things that might be the cause are

Meat growing (skintag)
Lumps containing fat (lipoma)
Viral Infection (Verucca)

Growing meat is a lump that appears because of the formation of a network of fibers in the form of collagen with a size of 2-10 mm, dark in color, and can be enlarged. The location can be anywhere on the body, the most common is the armpit and neck area. Triggers from growing flesh are age, sunlight, friction with clothing. Growing meat is usually not accompanied by pain, redness, or palpable heat.

Lump filled with fat is a lump that is formed due to overgrowth of fat tissue which is usually about 0.5 - 5 cm in color with the skin and can enlarge slowly. Lumps usually feel soft and are easily swayed.

Viral infection is a condition when a virus enters a person's body, then attacks the body's cells and multiply. Some other viruses can be transmitted through touch on the liquid in the injured skin. There are many types of viruses that cause infections of the skin, including verrucae. Symptoms that arise will be a lump that has a bumpy surface like a cauliflower. The bias is not accompanied by pain. Can be in the hands, feet, and even genital area.

For benign lumps such as meat growing and lumps containing fat there is no special handling because it is actually harmless but often feels uncomfortable, disturbing, or growing. To handle the surgical removal is usually done by opening directly, using electricity (cautery). But if there are signs of malignancy such as irregular shapes, bleed easily, the color varies should be checked immediately to ascertain whether it leads to malignant tumors or not.

For lumps related to infection should be ascertained in advance whether it is true because of infection by examination by a doctor further so that treatment will be more appropriate.

The examination can be done to a dermatologist or surgeon.

Some things you can do are

- Maintain cleanliness of the skin so as to avoid infection
- Use clean clothes and if it is discussed, expect to be replaced
- Maintain fluid and nutrition
- Hindair other diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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