The Cause Of The Baby Rarely Defecating?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Baby Rarely Defecating?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Baby Rarely Defecating?

night, baby CHAPTER 6 days or a week is normal r nthank you

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Hi Zasrin,

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Need to clarify beforehand, how old is your baby at this time? What food or drink does he consume? Is your baby still getting breast milk?

If your baby is less than 6 months old, and is still exclusively breastfed, defecating rarely (once every 6 days) is generally not a cause for concern. CHAPTER rarely occurs naturally, indicating that the breast milk that he consumes can be digested and absorbed very well by his digestive system. This can also be observed from the weight and length of the body which continues to increase in the early days of life.

However, if you have given milk or additional food and drink to your child, it is natural that defecation will occur more frequently (not less than 2 times a week). If your baby rarely defecates, this could indicate that he has lactose intolerance (for example, if you give cow-based formula), food malabsorption (for example, if you give your child foods that contain artificial sweeteners), food allergies, food poisoning, colitis , intussusception (intestines that burst into other intestinal segments), hypercalcemia (high calcium in the blood), and so on.

If this second condition occurs in your child, you should check it directly with a pediatrician for further observation. Generally, the doctor will evaluate whether there are any danger signs to watch out for, for example a hard stomach, vomiting, colic, being unable to pass gas, and so on. Furthermore, the doctor can provide several types of medicine or also suggest that your baby undergo further tests, for example blood tests, ultrasound, and so on.

At this time, we recommend that you do not give your baby any medicine unless it is absolutely recommended by a doctor. Give your child exclusively breastfeeding (without any additional food or drink) if he is not yet 6 months old. And if the age is over 6 months, add breastfeeding with enough water and complementary solids according to age. If you have hard bowel movements, you should add more solids with soft consistency first. In addition, encourage your child to be active. By moving a lot, it can indirectly stimulate the digestive system to be more active so that the defecation will be smoother.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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