The Cause Of The Body Can Not Be Silent?

there is someone who can’t be shut for him if he moves up, moves his feet like he is the same age so he can’t keep quiet then if he dwells on him he will be moved if he doesn’t move his hand then if he can’t slowly he will run away

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Hello Mamass Maslaha,

Swaying lower limbs when sitting needs to be distinguished first whether voluntary movements (can be controlled by the patient, the patient intentionally did, the patient realized) or involuntary movements (occurs outside the patient's control, the patient can not stop it).

People often wiggle their feet under the following conditions:

 Tired of Drowsiness Drowsiness To increase the concentration of hyperactivity for example in ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) It can also be involuntary movements, the patient's feet move without being able to control for example in the following diseases:

 Parkinson's Disease Huntington Essential Disease Tremor Hyperthyroid Cerebellar (small brain) disorders Restless leg syndrome and many more The above disorders can also be accompanied by distinctive changes (gait). For this reason, further examination is needed directly with the doctor to see the movement abnormalities that you are referring to. The doctor also needs to know the patient's age, gender, risk factors, patient and family history of the disease, because there are several types of diseases that are more common in certain ages / races / genders. Further examination needs to be done especially if the movement and gait abnormalities are accompanied by the following complaints:

 Patients difficult to stand or walk Changes in patient behavior Drastic weight loss Seizures Many investigations that need to be done to find the cause of the disorder. Investigations that need to be done are adjusted to the results of the examination and differential diagnosis of diseases suspected by the doctor.

Some diseases that cause movement disorders are acute which means they can improve if the cause is resolved. But those that are chronic (chronic) and progressive (the longer the patient's condition worsens and becomes dependent on others to carry out their daily activities). Therefore it never hurts to see a doctor if a patient's complaint interferes with his daily activities.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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