The Cause Of The Body Feels Easy Like Fainting?

Night .. I am 22 years old I am very fond of probing my body feels light and like I almost do not know anything I want to faint and I hold my stomach even though my stomach is not sick or nauseous I always think whether I will die if I have consulted a doctor and I was diagnosed with magh or gastric acid is it true or is there another disease and what should I do like thank you good night ..

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Some complaints that you feel might be caused by various factors, including:

Psychological factors include stress, too much pressure / thoughts, problems being faced, etc. Factors of fatigue due to workloads or activities that are too heavy The existence of medical disorders such as anemia, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), gastric acid disorders, hypotension (blood pressure low), dehydration (lack of body fluids), malnutrition (the body lacks nutrition / nutrition) The existence of mental / mental disorders
Women have monthly / menstrual cycles which make them prone to anemia. Symptoms of anemia also vary from weakness, not eager to move, often dizzy, staggering like fainting, etc.
Related to your question, the complaint you feel is less specific in describing a health disorder, so the various possibilities or causal factors can be interrelated to cause the complaint you feel.
Your psychological condition, lack of rest, poor diet, consuming too much caffeinated food / drink, and rarely doing physical / sports activities can trigger poor blood circulation regulation so that you can easily experience complaints that interfere with daily activities.

Therefore, try to start lifestyle changes to be healthier by:
Eat nutritious foods, including red meat as a source of iron, multiply vegetables and fruit. Avoid foods high in fat, spicy, sour and coconut milk. Also reduce consumption of caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages. Take regular exercise every day. Increase your water consumption to at least 2L per day. Get plenty of rest. Avoid stress and fatigue due to strenuous activities. Avoid smoking. increasingly burdensome and there is no improvement, try to see a doctor again to get an evaluation and physical examination directly to find the exact cause and the provision of therapy that is right for you.
So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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