The Cause Of The Body Feels Pain With A History Of Being Beaten Frequently?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Body Feels Pain With A History Of Being Beaten Frequently?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Body Feels Pain With A History Of Being Beaten Frequently?

Hello, I have a 17-year-old male cousin. When his parents were still there he was always a victim of violence that is beating. His parents died 1 year ago, even though no one had hit him again, he often complained of body aches and according to his words it felt almost the same as when his parents were beaten. Accompanied by feelings of discomfort and anxiety according to his speech. The place of onset of pain is always uncertain, and there are no bruises or sores on the site. He has been a doctor and has taken the medicine given by the doctor but has no effect whatsoever. I thought he was just lacking in motion, but the theme of his school was that he was very active during sports, after school he also often did sports, played basketball or played volleyball. But he complained of pain when he was not doing something. Sometimes when he saw everything that would lead to the topic of violence he always avoided by reason of his body aching, once he saw the news about violence on television and his breath was also cold sweat when I asked why he answered badany pain. I also often caught him delirious and could not sleep he said his body was uncomfortable. He also had a fight once (fist fights) with one of his friends at school, the next morning he had a fever. Does my cousin have joint disease?

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Body pain is a subjective complaint of pain that is felt by the patient due to an inflammatory process or a malfunction of the body's system related. Complaints of pain that arises can be felt as complaints of blunt pain, sharp pain complaints and can also be accompanied by comorbid complaints, such as headaches, fever, nausea, back pain, angular disturbance of movement or cold sweat.

Some of the pain conditions below can cause the same complaint, such as;

history of trauma

nervous breakdown

history of fractures and joints

psychomatic or the influence of psychological factors

In connection with your question, the existence of both physical and psychological traumatic history that your brother has experienced before and the presence of pain complaints that are often felt at this time, may be caused by psychological influence from your brother. When your brother has experienced an unpleasant condition from his parents and the physical treatment that is felt also affects it, things like that will be able to cause anxiety and anxiety felt by your brother, so that only by hearing the noise or seeing violence, his psychological condition will affect him and maybe remember the traumatic feeling he had felt. And finally the pain sensation that is felt is likely to be felt like a previous history. So that there may be no joint abnormalities experienced.

However, this still needs further evaluation and direct examination by a neurologist and / or mental health specialist. Provision of pain relief is likely to only reduce pain complaints temporarily, so it is necessary to know the source of pain complaints felt by patients, so that doctors can provide appropriate treatment.

This proper handling can only be done with a physical examination and an appropriate supporting examination, so that the results of the doctor's examination can be a reference for evaluation and treatment. With the results of this examination, will be known, whether there are joint abnormalities or not.

For now, it's best for family and close friends to give support and give direction to always do positive things and get closer to the creator. Sports that have been done, should be continued, but the burden of exercise according to the ability of the patient.

Thus the info we can convey.

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