The Cause Of The Body Sagging?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Body Sagging?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Body Sagging? Bing

my height is 172 and my weight is 73 but why does my body sag even though I have been doing high-intensity exercise like cardio workout? Do I have water retention?

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Of course, the ideal body is coveted by everyone. Even though you've been doing both cardio and high-intensity exercise, there are several reasons this doesn't work for you to lose weight, such as,

1.                                                    wh that its muscles will weaken and the body will increase fat as an energy supply, therefore it is important to combine cardio with strength training or your strength training

2.                  The exercise that is done for too long which causes an excessive increase in the hormone cortisol which causes fat to accumulate in unwanted areas.

3.     Lack of rest after exercise

4.     Lack of hard work while doing sports

5.     Because your weight is greatly influenced by what you eat, maybe even though you are already exercising but your diet is not regulated, of course you cannot lose weight

Therefore, if you want to reduce your weight while exercising, you should consult with a nutrition specialist to find out what foods should be consumed so that your diet is successful.

Here's an article that you can read,'t-work-make you-thin

So much information that we can convey, hopefully this information can be useful to overcome your complaint.


dr. Radhianie Djan, BmedSc

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