The Cause Of The Coccyx Hurts When I’m Sitting?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Coccyx Hurts When I’m Sitting?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Coccyx Hurts When I’m Sitting?

Hello doctor, I want to ask … Why when I sat definitely in the middle of the tailbone it hurts, even though several times in massage it still hurts. What do you suggest? Thank you

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Hi Ian,

Thank you for asking

When sitting, part of your body weight will be concentrated on your buttocks (tailbone area). However, if there are no abnormalities in the buttocks or surrounding area that you experience, this condition should not necessarily cause pain.

Pain in the buttocks area as you experience it may be caused by the following factors:

Nerve disorders, for example due to pinched nerves, diabetes, post herpetic neuralgia
Infection around the buttocks, for example due to anal abscesses, genital herpes, shingles, folliculitis

Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, anal vein swelling)

Anal fissure (anal wall tearing)

Anal fistula (formation of abnormal ducts that connect the anus to other people, usually occurs due to anal abscesses)
Proctitis (inflammation of the rectum and anus)
Constipation (constipation, difficult bowel movements)
Arthritis (arthritis), for example due to rheumatoid arthritis
Malignancy in the buttocks area
Injury to the coccyx
In women, this pain can also be caused by pre menstrual syndrome, endometriosis, myoma, pelvic inflammation, and so on

Pain that is severe enough you should not then deal with a massage. It is feared, careless massage will only make tissue injuries that cause pain to become more severe, so that pain will worsen. Better, check yourself directly to the doctor or neurologist so that you can detect possible causes of your complaint. Some diagnostic steps, such as X-ray, MRI, CT scan, electromyography, and so on, can also be recommended by your doctor if it is felt necessary. Some of the following things you can apply so that the pain subsides:

Not getting used to hold bowel movements or small
Always keep the buttocks area clean
When sitting, make sure your cushion is soft enough, not too hard
Use comfortable pants, don't be too tight
Compress the painful buttocks area with warm water
Minimization of body position that causes excessive emphasis on the painful buttocks area, for example sitting on your back
much rest
Be diligent in exercising to maintain ideal body weight
Do not carelessly consume drugs, including pain relievers

Hope this helps ...

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