The Cause Of The Corona Virus Spreads Very Quickly

Illustration of The Cause Of The Corona Virus Spreads Very Quickly
Illustration: The Cause Of The Corona Virus Spreads Very Quickly

Hello doctor, I want to ask why the Corona virus spreads so quickly? thank you doc

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Hello aulia,

Thank you for the question.

Corona virus has actually been around for a long time. However, what is currently rife is called the new Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), which mentions COVID-19 disease.

Corona virus is spread from sufferers through droplets (splashes of airway mucus, for example saliva, snot, and phlegm) that are inhaled or ingested into the body. You can get this disease if you are in close proximity (less than 2 meters) with a person with COVID-19, especially when he is talking, coughing, sneezing, even spitting. Not only that, transmission can also occur indirectly, ie when there are droplets that contaminate the hands (such as when shaking hands), clothing, elevator buttons, door handles, and other objects.

The question is, why can this disease spread quickly? Because, this virus has only been discovered lately (end of 2019), and many people do not have immunity against it. The high mobility of humans today also causes the virus to easily spread from its home country (ie China) to various other countries, including Indonesia. Until now, no definitive treatment has yet been found that is known to cure COVID-19 completely. Therefore, only people with good endurance and are good at keeping themselves who managed to get away from this disease.

In order to avoid COVID-19, you should strengthen your body's endurance, which is by disciplining living a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns, improving personal hygiene and the environment, keeping social distance (social distancing), and do not leave the house unless urgent .

Hope this helps ...

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