The Cause Of The Ear Canal Is Painful And Hot?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Ear Canal Is Painful And Hot?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Ear Canal Is Painful And Hot?

My right ear canal was painful and hot, this condition suddenly occurred in the morning while I was sleeping, and made me feel uncomfortable. My right ear had blockage due to fungus and the doctor had corrected it by spraying my ear with water to remove the wax, and given an ointment to prevent fungal growth, this treatment made me recover from the blockage / deadlock. However, after 3 days of use of the ointment with a dose of 3×1. My ears suddenly felt hot and sore / painful, even though I had no signs of pain before. The burning sensation / pain lasts for 2 – 3 hours until it subsides by itself. R nWhat is the cause and what should I do about this condition?

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The ear is one part of the body that is susceptible to infection. Various kinds of symptoms can be felt when the ear hurts, including ear pain, sharp pain such as stabbing, dull aches, hot ears, fullness of the ears, hearing loss, dizziness, dizziness, and so on.

Related to your complaint, the possibility of inflammation in your ear canal. This inflammation can occur due to a recent bacterial / fungal infection or an infection that has not fully resolved and can recur with more severe symptoms. It is necessary to do a direct examination to find out the cause, whether it is accompanied by the appearance of small ulcers in the ear canal, inflammation in the ear canal or fluid in the ear canal. It is possible to have a double infection between bacteria and fungi due to the use of previous drugs.

Even though the suspicion that the cause of your complaint points to infection, here are some possible causes of ear pain, including:

External ear infection / otitis externa Acute otitis media Ear canal irritation due to incoming foreign object Abscess of the ear hole Blockage of the ear hole by ear wax / cotoranges Risk factors that can increase ear pain include

Too much earwax Blisters in the ear canal due to friction / mechanical trauma Swimming Foreign objects that enter the ear canal If the symptoms worsen, I recommend that you consult a doctor directly to get the right treatment. So much information from me, hope it helps.

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