The Cause Of The Egg Does Not Last Long?

Why do you think egg cells in women do not survive and do not undergo division throughout time like sperm cells in men?

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Egg formation or also called oogenesis occurs in the ovaries (ovaries) of women. The egg formation process has begun since the woman is still a fetus in the womb, when birth the process stops and the number decreases until puberty, egg cell formation occurs once again for 1 month following the menstrual cycle. The number of eggs in a woman at puberty is only around 300,000-400,000 cells and only 300-400 cells are released every month during reproduction. This oogenesis process will stop when women enter menopause. So indeed the formation of eggs in these women has a limit.

Whereas in men, sperm formation or spermatogenesis occurs in the male testes. The process begins at puberty until the end of age. Around 100 million sperm are produced in male testes every day. The process of developing sperm to fertilize an egg takes about 70 days. When ejaculation occurs sperm are released nearly 100 million cells and only 1 cell can fertilize an egg.

With the production and sperm count, the possibility of sperm fertilizing an egg will increase. You can also read references related to the topic you are asking about.


Spermatogenesis and oogenesis

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