The Cause Of The Eyes Feel Swaying Suddenly

Illustration of The Cause Of The Eyes Feel Swaying Suddenly
Illustration: The Cause Of The Eyes Feel Swaying Suddenly

Afternoon Doc, I am 37 years old, I want to ask the doctor, my eyes have been rocking for a week now (not blinking) when the eyelids are on the left edge of the ear, I’m worried doc, try to explain the doc what is the cause or what I should take medicine or vitamin doc, thanks. Healthy greetings healthy always.

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Hello Faril, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Based on the complaint you describe, it is not yet specific to determine a definitive diagnosis. But there are several possibilities that can be concluded, namely:

Lack of electrolytes.
Tic Facialis.

Bell's Palsy.- This disease is likely because, in some cases the initial signs and symptoms are a twitch on certain facial muscles.

To be sure, it still needs a direct examination. Because in establishing a diagnosis it cannot only be based on complaints. Inspection is a component that cannot be removed. Some of the possibilities above are the possibilities that are closest to the narrative of your complaint. In handling it also must be based on a final diagnosis from a doctor, and if your illness cannot be treated by a general practitioner, then you will be referred to a neurologist.

For now, some things you can do include:

Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours per day.
For now, multiply those breaks, especially with computer screens or other gadgets.
Take a multivitamin such as vitamins B, C, etc. All good vitamins are consumed at a reasonable dose. There are no specific recommendations for your condition.
Avoid direct AC exposure on your face.
Then fruit, and vegetables.
Regular exercise.
Do the pattern 20-20-20 every time you work in front of the screen with a long duration. Ie every 20 minutes do a break for 20 seconds by looking at objects that are at least 20 meters apart.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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