The Cause Of The Eyes Often Blink And Aches All Over The Head?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Eyes Often Blink And Aches All Over The Head?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Eyes Often Blink And Aches All Over The Head?

I want to ask my eyes often blink “but tend to like a headache. I have consul said he had to go to the nerve poly. Why am I told to go to a nerve poly ??

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Hello Ditha Thank you for asking

Neurologist or neurologist is a specialist doctor and more competent in handling cases related to the human nervous system, including the brain, muscles, spinal nerves. Usually the doctor will refer you to a neurologist if you suspect or just to make sure that the condition that you experience has a connection with the nervous system, so it can be treated by medical personnel who are competent in their fields.

Blinking is a normal body reflex. Where the aim of the blinking eye is to provide lunrikasi to the eye so it does not dry out, protect from too bright light, or other foreign objects that will enter the eye. However, if you have eyes that blink more frequently than usual, this can be a sign of a medical condition, for example:

Tics are uncontrolled, fast-moving, non-rhythmic movements that usually occur in a particular muscle group including the eye muscles that cause the eyes to blink frequently or twitch. Dry eyes Tired eyes At this time the cause of tic disorders is not yet clearly known. But the alleged presence of hereditary factors and chemical factors in the brain (neurotransmitters). In addition, environmental factors such as disorders during pregnancy and birth and infection are also thought to affect the occurrence of tic disorders. In addition, the tic in the form of blinking on the embankment can be caused by a condition called Tourette's syndrome. And tourette is a seizure or repetitive movement (very fast) that occurs when part or even the whole body moves repeatedly suddenly, and can not be controlled, but this syndrome usually appears in children aged 5-15 years.

But you should not worry too much, only a few cases cause blinking eyes or twitches found nerve disorders. In very rare conditions, eye twitching can become a symptom of the nerves and brain that are usually accompanied by other symptoms. The disease for example

Bell’s palsy is an ondisi that causes paralysis of one part of the face. Dystonia is a condition that causes unexpected muscle spasms, which makes the limbs twist. Parkinson's Disease Tourette's Syndrome is a condition that causes a symptom called the tics of side effects of drugs, especially those used to treat psychosis and epilepsy. If eye twitching is a symptom of a neurological or brain disorder, the patient needs to be referred to a neurologist. Therefore excessive blinking and accompanied by other symptoms may be a sign of a nervous breakdown. For this reason, the doctor may suggest that you consult a neurologist.

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But the cause of eye blinking is not only from nerve disorders other causes can be due to interference with the eye itself, for example on dry eyes or tired eyes. Most of these blinking or twitching eyes can also disappear on their own. Here are some ways you can do it like:

Rest enough sleep at night on a regular basis including during the holidays Limit or avoid excessive consumption of caffeine Avoid cigarettes and drinking. Dry eyes, can be overcome by applying artificial tears. Compress with a warm towel on the eyes. Limit staring at the screen of electronic devices or gadgets. Give your eye some time to rest when you have to deal with the electronic screen.

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