The Cause Of The Eyes Stinging And Redness When Wearing Contact Lenses?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Eyes Stinging And Redness When Wearing Contact Lenses?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Eyes Stinging And Redness When Wearing Contact Lenses?

I want to ask. Why is it that every time I use the Softline, my eyes immediately sting red, not even using it for 1 hour, it’s like that I want any new contact lenses that I keep like that, and they secrete fluids from my life. after removing the liquid it stops dripping. Why is it dangerous?

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Hello Fenita,

Softlens are a tool to help correct visual acuity as a substitute for glasses. People who use contact lenses must pay attention to the following things:

Wash your hands before and after wearing or removing the soft lens. Pay attention to the expiration date or the maximum date of using the contact lens. Make sure the storage area is clean and the liquid is changed regularly. Take off the contact lens while sleeping, swimming, or taking a shower. but the use of soft lenses is more risky than wearing glasses. Here are some of the risks of using contact lenses:

Irritation of eyes Dry eyes Conjunctivitis Keratitis Corneal ulcers Allergic reaction to contact lenses If you experience complaints of red and sore eyes when wearing lenses, you should immediately remove the lenses and then rest your eyes. You can use eye drops filled with artificial tears to reduce minor irritation and dry eyes. Avoid using soft lenses for a while and also avoid eye makeup / cosmetics.

If this condition always occurs, try to pay attention to whether the contact lens is still suitable for use or has expired and try to improve hand hygiene when using a soft lens. You can also try to find soft lenses that have a shorter life and can help oxygen pass through the cornea. A contact lens that allows oxygen to pass through the cornea is usually more comfortable to use. However, if you have changed your contact lenses but complaints still occur, you should not wear lenses and just change to wearing glasses.

If you want to keep wearing contact lenses, you should first consult with an eye doctor. If the complaints of red and sore eyes do not improve after stopping using contact lenses, you should also see an ophthalmologist so that they can be further examined and given maximum treatment.

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