The Cause Of The Fetus Disappears At 4 Months Of Pregnancy And There Are Only Fetal Sacs?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Fetus Disappears At 4 Months Of Pregnancy And There Are Only Fetal Sacs?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Fetus Disappears At 4 Months Of Pregnancy And There Are Only Fetal Sacs?

I am 17 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound aged 8 weeks and pregnant pockets and fetal seeds. But when I was old again at 4 months old, my fetus disappeared bay and my baby, in fact, did not develop even though I was drinking fruit milk and other vitamins. But when I was pregnant I only looked at my pregnant bags hamil. I still feel breast pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and weakness. But don’t say anything in the same way. Please tell me how this must be because my heart is broken. My stomach is getting bigger and it is 4 months pregnant but why is the fetus not only active? 😭😭😭

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Hi Evii,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, exactly when your HPHT (the first day of your last menstruation), and when did you first get an ultrasound of the pregnancy?

Even in normal pregnancies, often the fetus in the pregnancy sac can only be seen clearly when the gestational age has stepped on more than 8 weeks. If you do a pregnancy check at the exact age of 8 weeks, chances are the size of the fetus is still very small, so that the new sac is clearly visible. If this is the condition that you are experiencing, it is most likely not likely that the fetus in your pregnancy sac is currently caused by a blighted ovum (empty pregnancy). This condition can occur due to abnormalities in the egg cell or sperm cell which causes the formation of a normal fetus in the pregnancy sac. Blighted ovum sufferers can feel the signs of pregnancy as normal pregnancy, only when an ultrasound examination does not appear the fetus in the pregnancy sac in your uterus. Frequently, blighted ovum ends in spontaneous miscarriage. Although it is not uncommon, there are also cases that need further management, such as administration of decay drugs or curette surgery.

Not only is blighted ovum, your condition may also arise due to other triggers, such as miscarriage. Most women who experience miscarriages will find bleeding from the birth canal quite a lot and clotted, accompanied by severe stomach cramps. However, if the size of the pregnancy is still very small, signs of miscarriage may appear uncommon, so the sufferer is not aware of it because it is considered menstruation or normal implantation bleeding.

Your stomach is still enlarged until now, in addition to being pregnant, it can also occur due to overweight or the presence of other masses in your stomach, for example benign or malignant tumors, ascites, obstructive ileus, dyspepsia, and so on.

To be clear, you should check back with your doctor or obstetrician to have a thorough examination, including physical examination, ultrasound, blood tests, or other support tests as needed. Depending on what conditions exactly happen to you, the doctor can later provide different treatments.

At this time, you should first discard negative thoughts in your mind, try to respond to all God's destiny with sincerity and patience. Rest assured, that what God predestines for you is the best. Expand to rest, eat more regularly, drink enough, and do not have excessive physical activity so that the rest of your pregnancy symptoms will gradually improve.

I hope this helps.

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