The Cause Of The Fetus Is Not Developing?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Fetus Is Not Developing?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Fetus Is Not Developing?

, I want to ask. When I was taking the pill laxative to clean the blood that has not been clean after a miscarriage 5 months ago, it turns out I have been carrying a fetus aged 6 weeks. I took 160 pills for a month, because I had not been pregnant for 4 months, when I checked it turned out there was still a little blood, I finally bought the pill, and it turned out that I was already pregnant. I know when I don’t get my period. The fetus lasts up to 3 months, then blood comes out like menstrual blood, it turns out that the process of miscarriage, after the ultrasound, it turns out that my fetus is not developing, it should be 13 weeks old but only 6 weeks. with the pills I take? I happen to take herbal pills, so I think the effect occurs after 3 months. The process is rather long. Previously I had a miscarriage because I ran out of a fairly high ladder, and the first pregnancy of the baby was healthy and developed, not like the second pregnancy (not developing). The answer is yes, thank you.

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Good afternoon, thank you for the question.

Regarding the condition of the fetus that does not develop can occur due to several things like

1. congenital abnormalities

2. the condition of the reproductive tract of the mother with problems such as the uterus experiencing separation or called bicornu

3. the effect of the placenta or cord that does not provide supplements properly

4. consumption of drugs that interfere with fetal growth and development

Based on what you have to say, you should immediately consult a doctor, especially a gynecologist, so that treatment can be done appropriately because if a miscarriage can be done with different treatments such as

1. incomplete miscarriage there is residual tissue it is necessary to clean the tissue to prevent complications such as bleeding, infection

2. Complete miscarriage needs to be done by examining the red blood cells in the mother whether there is a shortage of blood cells

3. the fetus dies in the womb so the pregnancy needs to be done

Following further information

Thus the information we convey. Thank you

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