The Cause Of The Flu Is Accompanied By Fever And Chills

Illustration of The Cause Of The Flu Is Accompanied By Fever And Chills
Illustration: The Cause Of The Flu Is Accompanied By Fever And Chills

Dook, my husband from the afternoon of the flu, and tn jn 12 nights suddenly shivered with cold, it ran out of fever

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Runny or stuffy nose (often termed by the common people with the flu), chills, and fever may indicate your husband has a viral or bacterial infection around his airway, such as nose (rhinitis), sinus (sinusitis), throat (pharyngitis), etc. . There are many types of viruses or bacteria that often infect the airways, including influenza, streptococcus, adenovirus, and even Corona viruses that are endemic recently (the cause of COVID-19). Aside from infection, your husband's complaints may also be aggravated by allergies, irritations, immune disorders, foreign body intrusion, anatomical abnormalities of the nasal cavity, even benign or malignant tumors around the nasal cavity.

Your initial handling of your husband is actually right. In order for the fever and chills to subside, you can give Paracetamol. If the complaint has not subsided significantly, you can repeat this paracetamol every 4 to 6 hours. Not only that, also balance the drug administration with the following efforts:

Give your husband lots of warm water and warm food and broth
Do not bring you near an air conditioner or fan that is too cold, dust, smoke, and other things that make it allergic
Give your husband warm clothes, provide warm water for him to take a bath too
Remind your husband to better maintain his own hygiene, including by showering diligently and washing hands with soap
Ask your husband to rest a lot, give him lots of fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Do not carelessly give children other drugs, without doctor's advice
Encourage your husband to wear a mask when sneezing or coughing, keep a distance from those around you, do not carelessly exchange personal belongings with others, and do not leave the house unless it is an emergency

If until more than 3 days the fever does not go away, if there is shortness / vomiting / stiff neck / other complaints that are more severe, or if your husband is at risk of contracting COVID-19 (for example due to living / having traveled to an area with a COVID outbreak 19 or after contacting a patient with COVID-19), then immediately take him to see a doctor or ENT doctor. Physical examination, interview, and even supporting tests, such as X-rays, blood tests, throat swabs, etc. Doctors can also do .

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