The Cause Of The Groin And Vagina Is Somewhat Reddish When 5 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Groin And Vagina Is Somewhat Reddish When 5 Months Pregnant?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Groin And Vagina Is Somewhat Reddish When 5 Months Pregnant?

Good night. I want to ask if the 500mg FARIZOL drug, LORATADINE 10 and FORMYCO ointment are safe for pregnant women. Incidentally I am pregnant 5 months off, I have a complaint in the groin area near the vagina reddened by fungus. And this afternoon I went to the general practitioner and in general give the medicine as I mentioned earlier. Please explain. Thank you.

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Hi Ryska,

Thank you for asking

A reddish looking vagina can occur due to various factors. Not only fungal infections, infections of other microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses, or parasites), allergies, irritations, insect bites or other animals, seborrheic dermatitis, and many other conditions can also trigger this complaint. To determine the right diagnosis for your vaginal reddening, a comprehensive physical examination is needed by a doctor, obstetrician, or dermatologist.

Appropriate handling of your complaint can be done varies depending on the cause. In some cases, if the complaint does not improve with natural treatment, the doctor also needs to give medication. Of course, given the condition of you who are pregnant, doctors need to also consider the safety of taking this drug, so as not to negatively impact the fetus you are carrying.

Based on data from the FDA (food and drug administration), metronidazole (contained in farizol) and loratadine are relatively safe for pregnant women (FDA pregnancy category B), which means studies in animals show that the drug is safe for consumption during pregnancy, but there are no clinical trials adequate in humans). Meanwhile, ketoconazole (contained in formyco) is included in the category C (FDA pregnancy category C), which means there are no studies on animals that show that this drug is dangerous to consume while pregnant, but there are no clinical trials that prove its safety in humans. Therefore, the consumption of these drugs is only safe if you do it under the supervision of a doctor who checks your condition directly. Without checking you directly, we are not in a position to judge whether the treatment your doctor has provided is appropriate or not. In general, a good doctor will only prescribe a drug if the perceived benefits will far exceed the potential side effects that may be caused.

If you are worried, it would not hurt you to look for a second opinion by going back to another doctor. Not only taking drugs, you need to also make the following efforts so that complaints quickly improve:

Do not hold the vaginal area with complaints with dirty hands Clean your vagina well after urinating and having sex Always use underwear and pants that are clean and made of soft Avoid free sex Do not carelessly use soap, detergent, spermicide, or other chemicals around Expand your vagina to drink. Hope it helps.

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