The Cause Of The Gums Suddenly Bleed When I Wake Up?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Gums Suddenly Bleed When I Wake Up?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Gums Suddenly Bleed When I Wake Up?

Good morning, at first the gums really like bleeding but only a little, and even then when I skated my teeth or if I swelled my gums. even more, even a lot

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Hi Delfia, thank you for asking beforehand.

You need to know if bleeding gums can be caused by many things. Can be caused by brushing your teeth too hard or indicating an infection in your gums. Some of these things can cause bleeding gums:

- Inflammation of the gums / gingivitis that can be caused by plaque buildup

- Periodontitis is a gum infection that damages the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth.

- The use of dentures that are not appropriate

- The habit of brushing teeth too hard

- Use a rough toothbrush

- Lack of vitamin C and vitamin K

- The use of blood-thinning drugs

You should immediately check with your dentist for further treatment. Some of these things you can do at home: maintain oral and dental hygiene, routinely perform dental examinations with a dentist, meet vitamin intake if caused due to vitamin deficiency, manage stress well, avoid consuming foods or drinks that are too hot or cold, consuming foods that are too hot nutritious, avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks.

Thank you, hopefully can help.

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