The Cause Of The Head Often Dizzy And Vomiting Vomiting?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Head Often Dizzy And Vomiting Vomiting?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Head Often Dizzy And Vomiting Vomiting?

Greetings doctor, I often dizzy head since last night. Don’t know why, but if you feel dizzy, you must vomit. Last night I threw up 3 times. This day, I threw up yellow. Headache doesn’t disappear anymore from last night. Head feels heavy, road is unstable and eyes are unfocused. If you vomit anyway, phlegm pain and bitter, stomach ache and teeth taste like x comfortable. I went to the clinic this morning, doctor checked my blood pressure was stable and dh gave me a pain killer, fever / pain, and vitamin supplements b. The doctor is also capable if dizzy and vomiting does not disappear 2, 3 days it is advisable to come again for a clinic and make an examination at the hospital. I only want to know’s opinion about my illness too. Is he bad or not. I have a headache and vomiting. If there is a way to deal with pounds better. thanks.

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Hi I-Man .. Thank you for the question.

Vomiting is a symptom of a certain disease. The causes of vomiting are various, including:

Gastric pains
Food poisoning
Blood sugar levels that are too high or too low
Bacterial or viral infections of the digestive tract
Ear infection
Urinary tract infection
Increased intracranial pressure

Vomiting needs to get attention, especially if vomiting continues, the body is weak, urinating is reduced and becomes increasingly thirsty due to dehydration, vomiting of blood / greenish. If there are any of these signs, it is a good idea to check with an internist to get a further examination and the doctor can proceed with a blood check, urine check, ultrasound, and other examinations in accordance with the physical examination.

While what can be done is:

Eat enough food
Avoid foods that are spicy, sour, fizzy
Eat smaller amounts more often
Enough water daily
Get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities

I hope it's useful

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