The Cause Of The Increased Frequency Of BAK?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Increased Frequency Of BAK?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Increased Frequency Of BAK?

I am male aged 23 years, height 168 cm, weight 74 kg. Since August 19, 2018, I often go back and forth to the bathroom because I feel like I always want to pee, if I pee it doesn’t hurt at all, but after peeing 15 minutes later the feeling of wanting to pee reappears, so it continues up to 5-6 times to the room shower. r nPreviously I have never experienced anything like this, I then went to 3 different doctors, doctor 1 said I had a sensitive bladder, doctor 2 said I had a urinary tract infection / urinary tract infection, doctor 3 said I had a “nerves ” that cause the beser / overactive bladder (OAB). r nI want to ask, what disease do I actually have? How do I deal with it if I have “nerve ” / OAB disease? I’ve been to 3 different doctors but I haven’t recovered? I ask for your help, this incident made me stressed and had difficulty doing activities.

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Hello Febiocapello Thank you for asking

Symptoms that cause urinary problems related to the lower urinary tract (prostate, bladder, urethra) are also called LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms). LUTS complaints can be divided into 2 forms, namely symptoms of obstruction and symptoms of irritation.

Which includes symptoms of obstruction, namely:

Resistance: takes longer to get BAK Weak urine shower Need to push when the BAK BAK drips especially at the end, and difficulty starting BAK And which are included in the irritating symptoms include:

Urgency: the sensation of always wanting to urinate Frequency: frequent urination or the frequency becomes more frequent than usual Nocturia: frequent awakening from sleep to BAK Incontinence: very intense dizziness for BAK, often out of control causing frequent bed-wetting. Here are some possibilities that can cause frequent urination (frequency) are:

Urinary tract infection Overactive bladder (overactive bladder) Kidney infection Kidney stones Diabetes Side effects of certain drugs: for example, diuretic drugs And for the causes of frequent urination you can read through the following articles: Various Causes of Complaints Frequent Urination

If you experience an unbearable urge to urinate (ugensi) and also frequent BAK (frequency). In addition, if LUTS is accompanied by pain during urination, it usually indicates inflammation or inflammation that can occur in the urinary tract, including the prostate.

Most of the irritating symptoms you have can be caused by OAB (overactive bladder). OAB is a condition where there is urgency, frequency, and nocturia occurs. The presence of this condition can also indicate other medical conditions such as: obesity, diabetes (high blood sugar levels), or a side effect of smoking. And complaints will get worse when you consume bekafein drinks such as coffee and tea

However, to know the exact cause, usually have to rule out the possibility of infection and the presence of stones in the urinary tract and kidneys. Several examinations will be performed, such as radiological tests in the form of X-rays, ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder, urine tests, neurological tests, and urodynamic tests. neurological tests aim to see if there are other neurological disorders that cause complaints to you. Meanwhile, a uridynamic test is done to assess how well your bladder and urinary tract are doing.

So that treatment will depend on the cause, if the cause is infection the doctor will give antibiotics. And usually the symptoms will improve after the infection is resolved. If the cause is kidney stones, action can be taken to remove the kidney stones. And if diabetes is the cause, blood sugar control will be carried out with drugs and also a healthier lifestyle.

You better not have to worry too much, too stress is not good for your health. Meanwhile, if the cause is OAB, here are some suggestions you can do:

Bladder training: training the bladder for approximately 3 months, namely by controlling the time interval for urinating, which aims to train the bladder so that it can hold urine longer. Bladder training or bladder training is a fairly effective way to deal with OAB Kegel exercises: Exercises to strengthen the muscles around the bladder and urethra, so they can reduce urination. Change your diet, avoid drinking and foods such as alcohol, caffeine, soda , tomatoes, chocolate, spicy foods, and artificial sweeteners. Eat fiber-rich foods and get enough water, but you should avoid drinking a lot when you want to sleep at night. Stop smoking With the help of drugs given by the doctor, namely drugs that have an anticholinergic effect. If this complaint continues to not improve, you can consult the nearest urologist.

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