The Cause Of The Left Back Headache Radiates To The Shoulder?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Left Back Headache Radiates To The Shoulder?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Left Back Headache Radiates To The Shoulder?

At night, I am fitri, 20 years old. My head sometimes hurts the back of the left side, which extends to the neck to the shoulders. Sometimes I also like migraines but I don’t know why. Sometimes after waking up I also feel dizzy. In the past, I often fainted when I checked the tachycardia, the headache was really painful, but I also took one day after I fainted, I had diarrhea but I wasn’t nauseous. But I forgot to tell the doctor who checked if I had diarrhea even though I had been asked. But it was in semester 3, now it’s already semster 5. Does my headache have something to do with that or something? Thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for the question.

The causes of headaches can vary, headaches are divided into 2 types, namely primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are headaches that are not based on other diseases and the cause is not certain and secondary headaches occur because of other diseases.

Primary headaches include:
- migraine
- cluster headache
- tension type headaches

and secondary headaches can be caused by various diseases such as:
- an infection such as meningitis, namely an infection of the lining of the brain or an infection in other organs in the head area such as flu, ear infections, dental infections, etc.
- trauma / injury, for example due to an accident, collision, etc.
- there is bleeding and blockage in the brain
- cancer
- psychological stress
- etc

Apart from the diseases above, there are also many things that can cause headaches such as the food we eat, hormonal changes, etc. What you need to pay attention to is when this headache is felt to be getting worse over time, does not subside with medication, interferes with daily activities, starts to have other symptoms such as disturbances in vision, numbness or weakness on one side of the body, etc. then immediately consult a doctor. nerves.

Handling is carried out according to the cause and type of headache that occurs, some precautions that can be taken include:
- enough rest
- reduce caffeine consumption
- reduce stress
- relax
- eat regularly
- Sports
- if you know the triggers then avoid the headache triggers.

That's the information we can convey, hopefully it's useful.

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