The Cause Of The Limp Body Is Not Strong Standing For Too Long?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Limp Body Is Not Strong Standing For Too Long?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Limp Body Is Not Strong Standing For Too Long?

, I want to ask why my body often feels weak even though I already eat but still likes to weak even sometimes likes to keep dizzy my fist is also weak not rich people who have strong grips on my hands if I clench my hands, I feel there is no weakness. Continue if I standing too long I like dizzy and fireflies the signs like yawning and then appear dizzy when it’s yawning sometimes dizzy it disappears. out a lot, kkkkkkkk really until the first day until the third day, he always had a stomachache so he couldn’t do anything and I could get 13 days after his period. why ? Am I anemic? if lemes like cold sweat and dizziness. please answer yes 🙏🏻

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Hello, thank you for asking at
The complaint that you experience could be due to the conditions below, namely:
1. Anemia
2. Dehydration or lack of body fluids
3. Psychological disorders
4. Lack of sleep or insomnia
5. And others you can read more here.
From what you explained, there is indeed a strong suspicion due to anemia. However, it certainly requires a direct medical interview with the patient's doctor, a direct physical examination by the doctor and the necessary investigations, such as blood laboratory tests and imaging or radiology.
For that, you should consult with an obstetrician. The doctor will find out what causes your periods are long and many and whether your menstrual disorders cause anemia or not. Menstrual disorders can be caused by a
hormonal disorders or organic problems. Hormonal disorders will be treated with hormonal drugs. Meanwhile, organic problems will be treated according to the disease. Organic problems in question, such as endometriosis, uterine myomas, uterine polyps, cervical tumors and others.
Meanwhile, consume nutritious, high-calorie and protein foods as well as foods that are high in iron (such as beef liver). Manage stress wisely and get enough rest. Lack of rest and stress can also cause hormonal disorders.
Thus hopefully useful.

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