The Cause Of The Lower Abdomen Is Hard And Throbbing?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Lower Abdomen Is Hard And Throbbing?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Lower Abdomen Is Hard And Throbbing?

Assalamualaiku ,,,, r nWould you like to consult why my belly below my navel continues to be hard as if someone is throbbing and sometimes my right side of the stomach is like a stab and in my stomach it looks like a lump sometimes left to right according to my sleeping position. R nI have a hard stomach in the morning and my periods are also not smooth … r nThat’s why?

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Hello Phutry,

The throbbing you feel can be caused by large blood vessels in the eprut cavity known as the abdominal aorta. Usually people who are thin or with a thin stomach lining can feel the pulse more easily. But there are other conditions that are classified as abnormal which cause you to feel these complaints:

There is an abnormal growth of tissue in your digestive tract organs, dilation of blood vessels / abdominal aortic aneurysm, obstruction of the intestine, if the complaint is accompanied by abdominal pain or dizziness, dizziness, sweating a lot, shortness of breath to fainting, then you should not delay to see a doctor. Menstruation that is not smooth can be caused by hormonal imbalances such as fatigue, stress, use of birth control or other disease conditions such as myoma or the presence of cysts.

so, hope it is useful,

dr. Barrel

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