The Cause Of The Lower Right Abdomen Feels Prop?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Lower Right Abdomen Feels Prop?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Lower Right Abdomen Feels Prop?

When I was in elementary school, I had a kidney problem, which was swelling of the kidney and had healed years ago. Now I’m in college, pain in the lower right and left abdomen as well as my waist lately often feels but it feels different from the previous one. On the right side there was mainly a lump in my right foot. A few minutes after drinking water I had to urinate immediately, otherwise my stomach and waist hurt, so I reduced my consumption of drinking water so that I didn’t keep going to the bathroom. Often when I go to the bathroom, there is very little urine water but if it’s not released it hurts, the color of the urine is sometimes clear, sometimes yellow. Is that kidney stone? Then should I increase drinking or reduce it?

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Hello Kamelia, thank you for asking.

Based on the explanation you wrote down, if you have abdominal pain in the lower abdomen, it is less likely that the symptoms are purely from the kidneys. The reason is because the location of the kidney is in the upper back of the abdominal cavity. So if there is a disruption in the kidney causing symptoms, it will be felt in the middle of the back (not right at the waist, but closer to the chest).

Some things that might cause the symptoms that you feel, including:

Ureteritis. Inflammation or infection of the ureter, the channel that connects the kidneys and bladder. Cystitis Inflammation or infection of the bladder. Urethritis. Inflammation or infection of the urethra, which is the urinary outlet. Nerve disorders that regulate the process of urination. The above conditions can be accompanied by abdominal pain or low back pain, fatigue (often BAK and BAK feel incomplete), pain when urinating or when the bladder contains urine, and sometimes accompanied by reddish urine. Infection is generally caused by bacteria such as E. coli, Streptococcus, or Staphylococcus. You should drink enough water, not too much to reduce drinking as long as you are not sure that your disorder is a result of kidney dysfunction. Suppose the symptoms that you are experiencing are caused by urinary tract stones, then you also still have to drink enough water. Reducing water intake will aggravate the kidney filtering function so that there is a risk of kidney function decline.

You should consult your doctor directly to determine whether your symptoms are urinary tract stones or infection. The doctor will do a physical examination, blood and urine tests in the lab, the doctor may also be able to do X-ray examination, ultrasound. CT scan, or MRI to look for the presence or absence of a stone and where the location of a stone if it really is.

Hope this answer helps you. Regards.

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