The Cause Of The Lump In The Neck On The Right And Pain?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Lump In The Neck On The Right And Pain?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Lump In The Neck On The Right And Pain?

In the afternoon, I have a question. My name is Ennie and I am 17 years old. I have neck lumps on the right and left, the right size on the ultrasound is about 5 cm, and the left side is smaller than the right, when pressed on the left sometimes it hurts sometimes not, then sometimes it is not pressed but it hurts. Another symptom was that I had anemia yesterday, my blood was low, my appetite was reduced, my body felt tired, dizzy, I felt pain from my upper back to my lower back until my lower back hurt, often followed by my stomach felt aching. Then my head feels sore in the lower back sometimes, the back of the neck feels heavy and the head feels sore. Yesterday when I had anemia I often sweated in the afternoon, and felt tired at night. But now my anemia symptoms are gone, but the part of my head still hurts in the lower back. Is it possible that the symptoms above are the effect of the lump or are these symptoms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer? Please explain and the next steps I have to do, thank you!

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Hi, Eny Maqhfirotin .. Thank you for the question given.

Lumps in the neck area can be caused by:

Enlarged lymph nodes. Can be caused due to a bacterial or viral infection in a throat infection, infection in the skin, enlarged tonsils, enlargement of the thyroid gland TB lymphoma glands Cysts are fluid-filled valves Because there are several possible causes of lumps in your neck, you should consult a surgeon for direct examination. , the doctor can suggest ultrasound (you have already undergone), X-rays of the neck area, blood lab, thyroid function. From the results of the examination, it can be seen the cause of your complaint. Treatment that can be done by doctors can be with drugs or if necessary, surgery or biopsy can be done according to the results of the examination findings.

Meanwhile, non-hodgin lymphoma can be accompanied by symptoms: enlarged lymph nodes, anemia, weight loss, night sweats, enlarged stomach, indigestion. Meanwhile, pain in the back of the neck can occur due to high blood pressure, lack of rest, muscle tension, or tension type headaches.

Meanwhile, what you can do: avoid holding the lump in the neck, get enough rest, eat nutritious food, eat regularly and avoid foods that stimulate the stomach such as spicy, sour, and fatty foods.

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dr. Iriyanti

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