The Cause Of The Outer Ear Itching?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Outer Ear Itching?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Outer Ear Itching?

Good evening. R nI am Exsel, 19 years old. Yesterday my ears were itchy on the outside. After I browsed, it itchy on the tragus part. Then there is fluid in that part and still itchy. R nPlease explain, thanks.

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Hello Exsel (Anastasia Dominic Pitoy), thank you for using to ask questions about your health.

Basically the ear is divided into three parts, namely the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Complaints such as itching and discharge, are usually most often experienced due to interference with the outer and middle ear, and are most often associated with an infection of the ear.

In the outer ear infection (Otitis Eksterna) is an infection that occurs in the outer ear to the eardrum, which is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection of the outer ear skin which begins due to water irritation. So that many associate the occurrence of this infection with the term "swimmer's ear". In addition, bad habits such as frequent scratching of the ears, either using cotton buds, or using foreign objects, can eventually injure the ears, so that they can become a door of infection for bacteria and fungi that are prone to causing complaints like you experience.

Complaints that are felt / symptoms that appear in infections like this / otitis externa can be:

Itching and redness around the ear canal and earlobe Discharge from a clear to cloudy consistency from inside the ear canal Swelling in the ear and around the ear Pain sensation that arises in the area around the ear to behind the ear, temples and neck Middle ear infection (Otitis Media) is a an infection that occurs in the space behind the eardrum, where the source of the infection comes from bacteria or viruses due to a respiratory tract infection. So that it will appear associated with frequent complaints of infections in the respiratory tract, such as colds, coughs, flu, etc.

Complaints that are felt due to an ear infection / otitis media include:

Fever, which is an indication of an infection in the body Pain in the head There is a disturbance in the hearing system Pain in the ear that is like a full or pulling sensation Discharge from the ear, from a clear consistency to cloudy and smelly Based on the complaints you feel, of course a wise decision is to go to an ENT doctor, for examination and follow-up in the form of therapy. By knowing the exact cause of the complaints you feel, of course the treatment is targeted and effective. So it is expected that there will be no unwanted complications in the future, considering that the ear is an important hearing system and one that affects the stability of the balance system other than the cerebellum.

Meanwhile, what you can do at home to reduce the complaints you feel is by:

Avoid using cotton buds to clean your ears, it's a good idea to do ear cleaning properly and correctly using certain materials that don't make dirt accumulate inside. Avoiding bad habits or inserting foreign objects into the ears which can eventually irritate the ears Use earplugs when you swim, which can help to reduce the possibility of water entering so that it can infect the ears. That's all for our explanation, hopefully it helps. Regards.

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