The Cause Of The Rainbow Lines When Looking

Illustration of The Cause Of The Rainbow Lines When Looking
Illustration: The Cause Of The Rainbow Lines When Looking

, I want to ask. When I see white or other plain colors (without motifs or lines), I always see irregular rainbow lines. I have seen the rainbow lines for a long time, and it gets worse day by day. I once tried to check the eyes, he said only minus. In addition to the rainbow lines, I can see that the color is a little faded (not like the original color) even though I am only 17 years old. I can see the original color or sharper when wearing my brother’s glasses which are minus above me. According to the doctor, what are the rainbow lines that I saw? And why can’t I see the original colors or colors that I see tend to fade? Thank you

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 Some diseases of the eye can be related to complaints that you experience, including:
 1. Diseases of the cornea, such as keratitis (corneal inflammation), corneal ulcers (sores on the corneal lining) and others. Cornea is the outermost layer in the black part of the eyeball. This layer is clear and has a function as a place for light to pass through.
 2. Cataracts or turbidity of the lens of the eye.
 3. Refractive disorders, such as myopa (nearsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness) presbyopia (old eyes) or astigmatism (cylindrical eyes).
 4. And others.
 It is recommended that you re-examine the ophthalmologist after the WHO has revoked the COVID-19 pandemic status. So that doctors can conduct medical interviews and related physical examinations, namely a sharp examination of vision, examination using a slit lamp (a special eye examination tool that uses a magnifying glass to see the structure of the front of the eye clearly), Ophthalmoscopy (a special eye examination tool to see the inside) eyeball and tonometry to measure eye pressure, later the doctor will provide treatment according to the disease that underlies your complaint.
 Meanwhile, at this time stay at home (leave the house if necessary) and maintain eye health by reading books or gadgets at a minimum distance of 30cm from the eyes by using adjusted lighting (neither too bright nor too dark). Rest your eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds looking at 20 feet. Also consume eye vitamins, namely vitamin A. You can get from fruits or food supplements.
 However, if you complain of sudden blurred eyes or severe pain or accompanied by red eyes, you can immediately consult an eye specialist. Don't forget to avoid physical contact with others when visiting an eye specialist. Keep a minimum distance of 1 m from other people and avoid holding the face area. Bring a hand sanitizer, so you can clean your hands after contacting the surface of objects around and before handling the face area.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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