The Cause Of The Right Testicle Is Loose And Painful?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Right Testicle Is Loose And Painful?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Right Testicle Is Loose And Painful?

Hello, I am mistaken that I am 21 and 164 tall and have 60 bodies. My right testicles are sagging and back slightly backward sometimes there is pain at certain times, when the penis is taut the right testicles feels rather painful while the left one does not. But at a certain moment both testicles go up but the right one backs a little back for example when the penis is tense. What symptoms do you think? Please provide a solution

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Hello Bro. Salahudin, thank you for consulting with us at

We fully understand your concerns about your condition, we will try to explain so that you understand the problems you are experiencing right now.

Testicles or in medical terms is the testis is actually an important part of male reproduction and sex, which makes and stores sperm and produces male hormones called testosterone. However, sometimes the testicles can be painful, swollen, or change shape due to several reasons, including:

epididymis cyst epididymitis orchitis / inflammation of the testicles hydrocele varicocele testicular cancer of the testis who are attracted to the area between the stomach and thigh testicles twisted testicular cancer testicular injury To ensure the cause is very difficult for us without doing an examination of yourself, as well as conducting a complete medical interview regarding everything you have ever had natural. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult directly with your trusted doctor or urologist to get the appropriate treatment.

We recommend a number of things that you can do independently to reduce symptoms, such as:

do not use tight pants avoid doing strenuous physical activity and sports while to avoid physical collisions do not have multiple sexual partners to meet your body's fluid intake by consuming enough water, at least 2L per day consumption of drugs that are sold diapotik-free such as ibuprofen or paracetamol will be able to relieve pain symptoms when they appear. Thus we can convey, hopefully answer your questions. thanks.

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