The Cause Of The Shingles Virus And Its Treatment?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Shingles Virus And Its Treatment?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Shingles Virus And Its Treatment?

Hello, my doctor is 22 years old. Before that I felt healthy and not sick / fever. At that time on Sunday I was having a wedding, and using a longtorso / corset and kebaya. When it was released, at night until the next day suddenly my right chest felt like burning and burning, 2 days after the event (Tuesday), a red rash appeared on my right back which I thought was the source of sweat, but it spread to my right chest and turned into a fluid-filled nodule. It feels very painful, sore, and burning. I went to the doctor on Friday, 5 days after the pain symptoms appeared. The doctor diagnosed it as herpes zoster, I was given acyclovir tablets, concoction tablets, vitamins, imboost, and salicyl powder. now it is the 7th day after the symptoms of burning pain, fluid swelling in my chest like turn yellow like pus. My question is, with my previous condition all right, what is the cause of my shingles? If it’s a virus, where did this virus come from? Then do I need to buy an acyclovir ointment as well? Because many reviews that use the ointment so the nodules dry quickly. Thank you

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Hello Robysmdr, thank you for asking at

Shingles or snake pox or chicken pox is a disease that arises from a Varicella Zoster virus infection, the same virus that causes chickenpox. Herpes zoster sufferers are people who have been infected with the virus Varicella Zoster before (have been exposed to chickenpox before) and when this disease appears, the person's immune system is declining. This happens because basically, this virus will remain in the body and is inactive (even though chicken pox is cured) and can become active again when the immune system is down, but this virus will not cause chickenpox again but instead becomes shingles disease.

Some conditions that can cause a decrease in endurance are like:

Increasing age, especially aged 50 years and over
Suffer from diseases that are lowered immune such as AIDS, cancer
Take corticosteroid drugs for a long time
Postoperative / organ transplant

This disease will generally cause symptoms such as:

The nodules contain water on only one side of the body, and the nodules are confined to a place
Accompanied by a burning / sore / like cut especially if exposed to contact a few days before until some time after the disease disappears

For the treatment itself, most doctors will give antiviral drugs, namely acyclovir and other drugs to help increase your body's resistance and reduce the pain caused. Salicyl powder is given alone not as a pain reliever or reliever of this viral infection, but only to help dry out and reduce the itching that may arise in areas with these nodules. Regarding the use of acyclovir ointment, if it is not recommended by your doctor, it does not need to be used because in principle the drug is the same as the acyclovir drug that you are currently taking, which is to stop the activity of the virus, so use only medicines recommended by your doctor, Do not reduce, add or even change the treatment yourself without any clear advice from your doctor.

Also note that this disease can cause complications called Post Herpetic Neuralgia, which is post-herpes zoster pain that lasts for some time (can be several months or years), so that routine treatment and control are needed to the doctor if after recovering, the pain remains stay.

For now, always keep clean in the area where there are nodules, avoid scratching the area. You are still allowed to take a shower, but don't rub the area. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid rubbing against the skin. Eat nutritious foods and make sure you get enough rest and avoid stress to help increase your immune system.

I hope this helps.

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