The Cause Of The Skin Around The Nose Suddenly Bruising?

, why yes, the skin around my left eye which is near my nose suddenly bruised for no reason. At first I thought there was something strange around my left eyebrow. If I press there is pain. Not long after that, around the skin of my eyes, there was a rich bruise after being punched, and the bruises hadn’t gone away for a few days. Is there a serious illness in my eyes. Sometimes I also like to feel dizzy but only for a while and after that it is normal again. Mhon, yes dock

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Hello Fee, thank you for asking

Medical bruising is a condition when the skin looks blue, reddish, or purplish, and can be black due to the rupture of small blood vessels under the skin and can occur under the skin on any part of the body including the area around the eyebrows. The bruise can last several days, then it will become colored and if the bruise is light and not extensive it will disappear on its own.

Bruises usually appear as a result of blunt injuries, for example from punches, bumps, or injuries during sports, impact and usually go away within 2 - 4 weeks on their own. However, if bruises appear suddenly without a clear cause you should be aware.

If you experience frequent bruising, bruising tends to occur easily.You need to be aware of the following possible blood disorders that can cause sudden bruising without an obvious cause:

Hemophilia, is a blood disorder due to deficiency of blood clotting factors in hemophilia, a factor VIII deficiency will be found.
Deficiency of other blood clotting factors. In addition to factor VIII deficiency, the human body also has several other blood clotting factors, which can cause bleeding such as bruising if decreased.
Deficiency of platelet levels or rhombocytopenia

ITP (idiopathic trobocytiopenia purpura), is known as an autoimmune disease that causes low platelet levels so that a person is prone to bleeding in the form of bruises, or symptoms of excessive bleeding.

Blood malignancies such as leukemia

Or you can read about other causes of disease through the following article: Diseases That Cause Sudden Bruising Symptoms.

In addition, several other conditions can also cause a person to experience bruises easily, for example:

Old age, someone with older age the blood vessels will be more brittle and prone to bleeding
Use of blood thinners
Lack of vitamin C, usually a deficiency of vitamin C that causes bleeding easily
Excessive exercise, because when you exercise excessively beyond your limits, for example, it can injure muscles and cause tearing of small blood vessels under the skin.

If you are feeling this bruise for the first time, and it goes away in a few days, you should not worry too much before seeing your doctor. To find out the cause, it takes a direct examination of you and also some additional tests such as blood tests. If the cause is known, then treatment will be given according to the cause that happened to you. Therefore, if the bruise appears suddenly, or you often experience complaints of easy bruising or other bleeding symptoms, don't hesitate to see a doctor who specializes in internal medicine.

Here are some things you can do for first aid for bruises:

Compress a towel filled with ice on the part of the body that has a bruise, this compress aims to stop bleeding and can also reduce pain
After cold compressing, after more than three days, generally bruises can be compressed using a warm towel for about 10 minutes. This is done so that blood flow increases, allowing the skin to absorb blood more quickly. Make sure after this warm compress there is no pain and the wound is getting better.
Avoid using aspirin or ibuprofen drugs, which can cause blood clots to last longer, thus increasing the risk of bleeding.
See a doctor immediately, if you easily get repeated bruises, symptoms of bleeding gums nosebleed suddenly, or when the bruises do not go away in more than 2 weeks.

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