The Cause Of The Skin Is Often Itchy To Itchy After Peeling?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Skin Is Often Itchy To Itchy After Peeling?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Skin Is Often Itchy To Itchy After Peeling?

I wanted to ask, my hands were very itchy at the time, and I scratched it continuously, finally my hands were oblivious and looked flesh, I had to go to the puskesmas at that time but the doctor said that if I didn’t cure it I could get an infection, and he also said that my skin was thin the medicine was given to the doctor, 3, the first one was hand sanitizer called Rivanol, then there were 2 godly names Klorferson and miconazole nitrate, when I first used it for a few weeks it was cured, and after that my hand recurred, it was gatel again, and I was once told by the doctor that I was allergic to soap and so I did not hold the water first so that it would not recur again, well I broke and I washed the plate at that time my hands were sore and itched again, now my hands were peeling off because it hurt, and it hurts, it aches and itches around between my fingers, and sometimes like it means, I have been using a drug that is Rivanol but it has not healed because I only used it for a few days. overcome it and what drug is suitable for my skin, because if the dermatologist the price is very expensive, yes answer my question, thanks

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Hi Felicia,

Thank you for asking

Contact with soap can indeed make the skin inflamed so it feels itchy and sore. This condition in the medical realm is called contact dermatitis. Not always because of allergies, this skin inflammation can also occur due to the irritative component of the soap. In addition to itching and burning, hands that are inflamed by contact dermatitis can also appear reddish, bruntusan, runny, blistering, swelling, peeling, and various other complaints appear.

Excessive scratching of the inflamed hands can clearly trigger wounds and secondary infections in the hand. This condition is often more difficult to treat than the original inflammation. Therefore, you should indeed stop these actions.

If you experience the same complaint again, you should go back to see your doctor or dermatologist. By checking your condition directly, of course your doctor can identify, is it true that your current complaint is the same as your previous complaint that occurred due to contact dermatitis, or are there other possible causes, such as skin infections, irritation or allergies due to other causes, drug eruptions, bites insects or other animals, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and so on. Handling as to what will be given later can be adjusted to the cause of your complaint, maybe the same as the treatment that you get before, but maybe not. Doctors who examine you directly are certainly more understanding. If you experience problems with costs, you should check with your doctor directly at a government-owned health facility.

At this time, what you should do is:

Diligent bathing and hand washing using mild antiseptic soap After bathing and washing hands, dry your hands with a clean and soft towel. Do not carelessly scratch itchy skin, especially with dirty hands or long gauges To reduce itching, it is safer for you to sprinkle salicyl powder or apply calamine lotion on the skin. Do not carelessly take medication. Avoid contact with substances that appear to trigger allergies or irritations on your skin, such as soap, detergents, latex, or other chemical substances.

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