The Cause Of The Sperm Always Comes Out Again After The Orgasm Is Over?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Sperm Always Comes Out Again After The Orgasm Is Over?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Sperm Always Comes Out Again After The Orgasm Is Over?

slmt pg … r my age is 30 years and have been married for more than 2 years, r my wife had a curette in 2017 because of a miscarriage and was handled by a specialist. r I would like to ask: r n1. r end “why is this why after every orgasm, sperm always come out of the wife’s vagina after the penis is removed ??? r n2. r ndoes curettage affect our planned pregnancy program ??? we have Expect your baby but there is no sustenance. r n3. r is it wrong, every time you have sex with husband and wife, you always have an orgasm inside ??? (duration 3-4X a week) r n r n , I thank you very much for the doctor’s willingness to answer.

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Dear Chan,

Having a baby is the dream of every couple and every effort to achieve it will certainly be mobilized. For those of you who have "almost" had a child, then of course this is even simpler because both men and women have good fertility levels. In contrast to other less fortunate couples who have never even experienced pregnancy. You have to understand the mechanism by which pregnancy occurs in order to understand the explanation of this topic. Pregnancy occurs because the sperm from a man fertilizes an egg from a woman, which usually occurs during sexual intercourse in which the man's penis penetrates into the vaginal canal and ejaculates inside. Ejaculation itself is the culmination of an orgasm where the penis releases semen containing sperm cells that are ready to fertilize a woman's egg. Why does ejaculation have to occur in the vagina? This is because the vaginal opening usually has a much lower pH which acts as a defense mechanism against bad bacteria. Unfortunately, this low pH will also kill sperm if ejaculation is not done in the vaginal canal. Therefore it is important to always ejaculate in the vaginal canal. After ejaculation, the buttocks can be slightly lifted to reduce the volume of semen that comes out. Have sexual intercourse at least 3 times a week, for a greater chance of getting pregnant. There is no specific effect that curettage has on your chances of pregnancy. Arrange your psychological condition so that intercourse becomes a comfortable process for both components in your partner and pregnancy will undoubtedly occur more easily. There is nothing wrong with you making a pregnancy program together with an obstetrician. Here we attach an article on how to get pregnant quickly. May be useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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