The Cause Of The Stomach Is Wrapped Around, The Loss Of Heat Arises?

In the morning, I am 17 years old, almost 3 weeks, my stomach hurts as if it is twisted and hot, if the pressure is a bit like pain, then the skit will also disappear and if it is again with the scyper, it will spread to the chest, navel and right side of the waist and also waist as if it wants to come off and it’s hot, I also like anyang “n and if the chapter even if you still want the chapter but it won’t come out / not complete, but I just want to play it again at night, when it’s clear

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Complaints of abdominal pain that are sharp, disappear and arise, and provide a sensation of pain that is like a wave, referred to as abdominal colic. These complaints can be repeated for some time. Colic pain generally comes from organs that have cavities including the bile duct, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract.
Some causes of abdominal colic include:
1. Biliary colic
Biliary colic is generally caused by stones in the sac or bile duct that causes blockage of bile into the intestine. Pain initially arises in the right upper abdomen to the middle which can radiate to the right waist.
2. Renal colic
The cause is stones in the kidney or in the urinary tract (ureter, bladder). Complaints of pain are generally in accordance with the location of stones and can be accompanied by complaints of urinary tract infections such as urinating pain, bleeding, nausea, vomiting.
3. Intestinal colic
Intestinal colic gives a picture of pain such as abdominal cramps that disappear due to blockage of food flow from the large intestine or small intestine. Can be found other complaints that accompany such as unable to pass gas, flatulence, vomiting, or decreased appetite.
Information about the signs and symptoms as well as a physical examination will help the doctor to estimate the cause of the colic. Further tests can be carried out according to medical suspicion. The treatment will certainly depend on the underlying cause. Therefore, do further consultation with a doctor.
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