The Cause Of The Sudden Change In Attitude In The Past 1 Year?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Sudden Change In Attitude In The Past 1 Year?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Sudden Change In Attitude In The Past 1 Year?

Good morning doctor. I want to ask about my mother. I realized my mom was acting weird this past 1-2th. Starting from suddenly being silent, being asked or chatting with people not wanting to answer. Already brought to the doctor a little better, more open. But there is again a strange attitude such as being ‘very’ protective of children. Not allowing the child to go out with friends. Always angry, yelling and even using violence. Even though I didn’t bother him, I went out myself u0026amp; using my own money. Also disturbing the child to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night to ask questions that are not important / have been discussed. And also always force r nLast about half a year. Went to the doctor, took medicine, it got better and now it’s getting worse. Losing confidence in her husband suspecting another woman. Though there is no evidence at all. Every day waking up in the middle of the night angry, snapped, played with his own husband. Accuse / slander without any clear reason / evidence. I didn’t want to go to a psychological doctor. Money obsessed. Forcing her husband to give her a lot of money and don’t want to know. Angry goes berserk if there is no income. Go wherever her husband goes, even just going to the stall. Always say the reverse u0026amp; does not make sense. Today not A, tomorrow not B. Never cut her veins but only a little. Every day always angry and angry endlessly. As a child I was tired, miserable. Especially my father. I am now entering high school, have 2 children who 1 have graduated from college u0026amp; work. 1 again is in college u0026amp; work. Please get a solution u0026amp; his doctor’s advice. thank you

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Hello Krisnawatiyeni.

Thank you for the question.

I'll explain a little about mental disorders. Mental disorders are disorders of the way of thinking, actions, and volition which interfere with relationships with other people and their daily activities. Mental disorders can be caused by various things

psychological trauma
head injury
there is a family history of mental disorders
drinking excessive alcohol
use of narcotics
have cancer
have no friends

What are mental disorders?

psychotic disorders in the form of hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations can hear or see something that is not there. Delusions are things that are not really believed to be the truth, for example schizophrenic patients.
mood disorders. A person with a mood disorder can change instantly from sad to very joyful
anxiety disorders. can be characterized by panic or a phobia of something.
eating disorders. anorexia and bulimia
certain post traumatic disorders

In people with mental disorders, it becomes an emergency when the patient wants to commit suicide. The sign of wanting to commit suicide is already on your mother by cutting her veins. If your mother is found to have repeated her suicide, immediately take your mother to the nearest hospital, to prevent actions that have fatal consequences.

The best solution for your mother is to consult a Psychiatric Specialist as soon as possible. Besides medical care, your mother also needs family support and a comfortable environment.

Some suggestions I can give:

talk to about why your mother changed, maybe there are certain problems that she can share
explained that the changes he experienced should immediately receive therapy in a subtle way
stay with your mother when consulting a doctor


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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