The Cause Of The Throat Feels Blocked?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Throat Feels Blocked?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Throat Feels Blocked?

Good afternoon, I’m a 28-year-old man, I have had complaints about these 2 months around my mouth and throat, initially because I was stressed out my mouth was burning (exposed to food or hot drinks) but not persistent, disappeared, then after 2 weeks I had an ulcer stomach acid rises, after that my throat is clogged something sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is comfortable when making food, it feels like something is up, sometimes it hurts like inflammation but it moves, I have 3x to tht and still still, this is my plan I will Monday laryngoscopy to be sure. According to the doctor, is my disease dangerous?

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Need to be explored further about the condition that you are experiencing. The main complaints about lumps in the throat are felt to need to know since when it was experienced, whether there are triggers associated with the condition (after eating, accompanied by other symptoms such as sore throat), are there any other symptoms experienced (pain when swallowing, throat itching, coughing, runny nose , fever, neck lumps), history of allergy, history of treatment related to your condition and response to the treatment.

The condition of the throat feels blocked can be caused by several possible causes, including infections of the respiratory tract such as the nose, pharynx, tonsils, larynx, lumps in the neck caused by lipoma conditions, due to thyroid gland disorders, parathyroid gland disorders, enlarged lymph nodes, foreign body in the respiratory tract, malignancy in the neck region.

It is recommended to consult an ENT doctor regarding further examination and management. It is recommended to do laryngoscopy according to the consultation schedule. Avoid taking medication alone without doctor's instructions. Your medical condition can only be determined after the diagnosis is upright.

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