The Cause Of The Vaginal Discharge Is A Bit Thick?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Vaginal Discharge Is A Bit Thick?
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every day I always experience vaginal discharge, my vaginal discharge is not like usual, it’s a bit thick, and when the vaginal discharge comes out, it tastes like menstrual blood, what’s wrong with me? Is it a disease?

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Hi Ilsa,

Vaginal discharge is a condition that can be experienced by every woman. Although sometimes cause worry, vaginal discharge is actually useful to help maintain cleanliness and prevent infection in women. Normal vaginal discharge is milky white or clear, odorless and not accompanied by other complaints such as itching or pain. Vaginal discharge itself can increase around your menstrual cycle, breastfeeding or during sexual intercourse.

The emergence of a sensation such as the discharge of menstrual tissue in vaginal discharge may be caused by a lump of vaginal discharge that flows out of the vagina. These lumps are one of the most common symptoms of fungal infections.

If the vaginal discharge you experience is unusual or accompanied by other complaints, then you should check with your doctor to determine the cause of the condition and get the appropriate treatment. The following are some medical conditions that can cause abnormal vaginal discharge:

Fungal infections Bacterial vaginosis Infections, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. The doctor will ask you about your history of complaints, perform a physical examination or additional examinations such as vaginal discharge or Pap tests. If the condition is caused by a disorder such as a yeast infection, the doctor may prescribe antifungal drugs such as intravaginal ketoconazole.

Here are suggestions for you:

Keep your body clean, especially your feminine area. Clean your vagina after urinating or after sexual activity. Manage stress wisely. Avoid wearing underwear or pants that are too tight. Avoid perfumed feminine washes. Immediately consult a doctor if the complaint persists or worsens.

How to deal with whiteness

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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