The Cause Of The Wound, The Lymph Node, Comes Out Of Pus?

Illustration of The Cause Of The Wound, The Lymph Node, Comes Out Of Pus?
Illustration: The Cause Of The Wound, The Lymph Node, Comes Out Of Pus?

I just finished a small operation on the lymph nodes in the lower left side of the neck, my wound came out, I don’t know what caused it and before I treated it myself, the doctor who treated me always changed the bandage (instead of control time, the control was once a week) then when the last control said the doctor was good and I didn’t have to control anymore, well the next day I had a fever and shivered for 4 days then taken to the emergency room, then checked my blood, I dropped my platelets and also changed my bandage and it turned out that my surgery wound was pus coming out of it u003cstrong u003e ( u003c / strong u003When I had a headache for 4 days, I drank half a glass of herbal medicine once and that only once, u003cstrong u003eapot it affected my surgery wound?) u003c / strong u003e while in the hospital my bandages were changed twice all right, then I take care of myself after coming home from the hospital, it’s been 1 week I’ve taken care of myself I gave sofratulle then I wrapped it with gauze and n the adhesive (hypafix brand) the pus still comes out but a little bit and this morning I want to replace it but the sofratulle is sticky and the pus is dry, u003cstrong u003 Always what? still do I come off slowly or do I cover it again with gauze and adhesive? u003c / strong u003e

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Hello Hafiyatus,

How many weeks has it been since the surgery? Surgery wounds should get good wound care so that infection does not occur. Surgical wound healing itself depends on several factors such as the general condition of the patient and the presence of comorbidities (such as diabetes), nutrition, the presence of infection, the wound care performed, the location of the surgical wound, and the size of the surgical wound.

Did the doctor give you medicine for your scar when you were hospitalized for fever? A scar that is draining pus can occur because of an infection in the scar. In addition to removing pus, infected scars can also develop swelling, redness, take a long time to heal, more pain, and fever. Infected wounds require further treatment by a doctor, for example by cleaning the wound and administering oral and topical antibiotics.

In the meantime you can do the following tips:

Cut the hands before and after treating the wound
Clean the surgical wound with NaCl solution or clean water
If when the gauze is opened it is sticky with a wound, first moisten the gauze with NaCl solution and slowly open the gauze
Remove the pus but don't scrub too hard
Dry with sterile gauze
Apply the antibiotic ointment your doctor gave you
Some wounds need to be covered with sterile gauze, some conditions do not need to be covered with sterile gauze, this depends on the condition of the wound according to the doctor's consideration and examination
If the wound is covered with sterile gauze, make sure the gauze is changed every day or if the gauze is wet and dirty
Keep the wound dry
Routine control with a doctor
Fulfill the nutritional needs of the body with healthy and nutritious food, no need to abstain from food (unless you have certain medical conditions such as food allergies, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or other diseases that do require a special diet)

If you have treated the wound properly but pus is still coming out of the wound, you should go back to the doctor who treated / operated on you so that you can re-evaluate whether there is an infection at the site of the wound. Furthermore, you will be able to provide maximum handling.

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Hope this helps,

Thank you

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