The Cause Of Toddlers 18 Months Suddenly Lots Of Saliva And Crying Very Often

Illustration of The Cause Of Toddlers 18 Months Suddenly Lots Of Saliva And Crying Very Often
Illustration: The Cause Of Toddlers 18 Months Suddenly Lots Of Saliva And Crying Very Often

Good evening, I want to ask I have an 18 month old child who has been unable to sleep three nights and is very fussy, initially on Friday he was hot then on Saturday night he could not sleep crying continued on Saturday the heat went down but still fussy and started to drool a lot until now still fussy and always crying, and crying like pain. Please answer yes doctor. Thank you 🙏

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Hello Husnul

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, especially when a toddler is sick and fussy making mothers very anxious, saliva in babies is something that is very common. This is commonly called peces. Because this gland has been active since the baby is in the womb. However, this situation is often confusing for a mother if it is too excessive. especially if accompanied by fever and fussing this might be caused because there is a feeling of discomfort and pain in children, there are several possible causes experienced by your child's complaints including:

tooth growth: when the teeth start to grow, this situation automatically impacts the excess saliva production. This tooth growth will also be accompanied by pain. As a result, babies will be more fussy and have trouble sleeping.

laryngitis: This inflammation makes the baby become lazy to swallow so saliva often comes out.
reflux: Infants who experience reflux are more prone to salivate because it is difficult to swallow. This is influenced by the painful sensation and heat caused by the stomach in the baby's throat.

There are a few tips you can do at home:

Wipe the mouth area
tilting the baby's position when sleeping, this can stop the saliva that comes out. Because, with the supine position, saliva will pool in the baby's throat. As a result, a cough will appear accompanied by additional breath noise that will disrupt the baby's sleep.
if a tooth is in its infancy, use a ring wash or a special toy to bite. This toy is useful to reduce the pain. Another alternative is to massage the baby's gums gently using clean hands.
You can also give paracetamol to relieve pain in children
You can give cold drinks to relieve pain in the collision

if you have done the above, but there is no improvement or the child is getting fussy, lead fever then immediately take the child to the doctor to do a direct examination, if due to teething will heal by itself and if caused by a virus will also heal by itself but if caused by bacterial infection maybe the doctor can give antibiotics.

You can read the following article: Protect your baby from Corona virus

try to stay at home by doing social distancing delay to the doctor if it is not an emergency.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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