The Cause Of Vaginal Discharge And There Is Bleeding When Having Sex?

Illustration of The Cause Of Vaginal Discharge And There Is Bleeding When Having Sex?
Illustration: The Cause Of Vaginal Discharge And There Is Bleeding When Having Sex?

Assalaamualaikum wrwb. I am 42 years old. a month ago my mother had chickenpox and I was more caring for her, not long ago my vagina was very itchy and had previously experienced vaginal discharge. my pussy was swollen and hot. watery liquid that is very itchy. I took the initiative to wash my vagina with warm water every time I urinated. urination feels very painful. itching gradually, heat and swelling began to fade and almost healed. but the vaginal discharge continues with a milky white liquid like snot mucus, a week ago I was in contact with my husband and there was bleeding in my vagina. based on the symptoms above, what illness did I suffer from? honestly i am very scared!

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Complaints about swelling in the vagina, pain in the vagina, vaginal discharge, urinating or bleeding and bleeding after sex may not be related to your mother's pain and you treat chickenpox that your mother feels. Your complaint may be related to the presence of bartolin gland cysts and vaginosis. Both of these conditions can trigger complaints of urinary tract infections and also trigger bleeding in the vaginal area when you have sex, this is related to the inflammation process in your vagina and urinary tract because of the possibility of infection.

In patients with bartolin cysts, this condition occurs due to inflammation and infection of the bartolin gland, where inflammation and infection cause swelling of the vaginal side, both the right and left sides or one side. Inflammation and inflammation in the bartolin gland can be accompanied by complaints of vaginal discharge, rupture of cysts with pus and bleeding, complaints of pain to a fever or chills.

While vaginosis or infection of the vaginal area can be triggered by inflammation and infection of the bartolin gland. So that both of these conditions and complaints of urine and vaginal discharge and bleeding after sex. Complaints about inflammation process and vaginal discharge that has been running for a long time and do not get optimal treatment or treatment can be a factor that aggravates the complaints you feel. If you complain about vaginal discharge and early swelling immediately and consult your doctor or your obstetrician, then the doctor can immediately conduct an evaluation and treatment as early as possible to prevent complications of urinary tract infections, bleeding and swelling that may occur. With physical examination and internal examination, the doctor can ascertain the possible cause of this complaint, whether it is a vaginosis and bartolin cyst, or other medical conditions, such as inflammation of the cervix, injury to the vagina or cervix, or menstrual bleeding. There is a risk of cervical cancer that cannot be ascertained by the symptoms that you convey, further examination is required such as examination in a pap smear or biopsy. Therefore it is important that you consider consulting your obstetrician for a complete examination and evaluation.

The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the course of the complaint, a physical examination will be carried out and a supporting examination will be completed. Thus the doctor can ensure everything to be able to take appropriate treatment steps.

Some risk factors you also need to pay attention to and avoid, such as avoiding germ contaminated water entering the female area when you clean the rectum after defecation, avoiding the use of antiseptic femininity, avoid having sex during vaginal discharge and inflammation is still present and keep the health of the reproductive organs one of them doing the bowel regular control to the obstetrician regularly according to your obstetrician's recommendation.

For now, if you feel your body and stamina are decreasing, then rest and recover your stamina. You can also still give warm water compresses on the swelling area of ​​the vaginal area and treat wounds if there are wounds around the vagina. Do not forget to drink water that is optimal to help recover possible urinary tract infections.

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