The Cause Of Vomiting Is Accompanied By Chest Pain

Illustration of The Cause Of Vomiting Is Accompanied By Chest Pain
Illustration: The Cause Of Vomiting Is Accompanied By Chest Pain

Hello doctor. I’m Riski … I work in a cigarette factory. I experienced prolonged bouts. I often cough and haven’t even done it until now. Yesterday Friday I experienced nausea and vomiting, cold sweat and headache. Then on Sunday I was cured and on Monday I started working but suddenly in the afternoon I felt sick and I vomited. And when I threw up there was blood. The blood is bright red. Fresh red. When I vomit my chest hurts. Why is that? Thanks.

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Vomiting blood (hematemesis) is a condition when a person vomits something out of his mouth and has blood in it. Usually these blood spots come from the upper digestive tract, teeth, or mouth. The color of blood that comes out, bright red or blackish red or brownish. The impact of the presence of blood vomiting can be divided into two levels, namely dangerous and not. Vomiting of blood that causes serious effects usually comes from internal injury, organ bleeding or organ rupture, while vomiting of blood that is not fatal usually comes from bleeding in the nose that is swallowed or an injury to the mouth.

In general, vomiting of blood is caused by an illness, injury, or the use of drugs. The following are the causes of blood vomiting based on the origin of the bleeding:

esophageal varices
inflammation of the stomach wall

GERD: arises from the increase in stomach acid into the esophagus. This disease can cause inflammation of the esophagus causing bleeding.
inflammation of the intestine

Many diseases can cause vomiting of blood. to be sure to do a direct examination by a doctor, to get the cause of the blood vomiting comes from where. do not consider this trivial if it continues to cause complications or lose a lot of blood. with a doctor, the doctor will conduct a physical examination as well as blood tests, ultrasound and endoscopy. so the doctor can provide treatment according to the cause.

Some types of food or drinks can increase the possibility of vomiting of blood, especially foods with high acid levels and alcoholic drinks. Therefore, one way to prevent vomiting of blood is to reduce the consumption of food or drink. Also discuss with your doctor about the consumption of drugs, such as aspirin or NSAIDS, regarding the risks and benefits.

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