The Cause Of Weight Gain For Children Aged 4 Years Does Not Go Up Despite Eating A Lot?

Good afternoon, doc. I want to ask my 4 year old daughter, her food is not difficult, but why is my BB only 11.8 and every time I go, the posyandu never goes up? I think there are special vitamins that I have to give ???

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Hello Goddess,

Thank you for the question.

When she is 4 years old, the normal weight of a girl is around 12.5 to 21.5 kg. That is, your child's weight is classified as small for children his age. However, assessing a child's growth is certainly not enough just to know his weight alone. An objective measurement of height, body mass index and general health history should also be taken.

Growth of children becomes less optimal not only because of difficulty eating. Even if your child eats a lot, if you don't pay attention to the nutritional content of the food you consume, then his growth can also be hampered. It could also be that your child's weight is less than optimal due to genetic factors, or the presence of certain illnesses that he suffers, such as digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, malignancies, chronic infections, and various other chronic diseases.

To be clear, you can check your child directly to the nearest doctor or pediatrician. If deemed necessary, your doctor may also direct your child to undergo the Mantoux test, blood test, stool test, x-rays, and so on before giving him the right treatment.

Before going to the doctor, you should not carelessly give your child medicine or supplements. Safer, you do the following steps:

 Vary the type of food your child has every day, make sure it contains 4 healthy 5 perfect In between meals, give your child a healthy snack Limit the habit of giving children instant food and snacks carelessly Give the child plenty to drink, and milk if necessary Keep the clean environment around the child Keep the child from other people who have an infectious infection accompany the child to live a healthy lifestyle from a small child Hope it helps huh ..

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